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The Planet Crafter fabric: How to make furniture for your base

Fabric the rarest commodity in Planet Crafter.

Updated: Apr 4, 2022 4:29 pm
The Planet Crafter fabric: How to make furniture for your base

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Like all comfy survival crafting games, personal expression is a must, and The Planet Crafter is no different. While the game only has a limited array of options in the game, there are still some quirky buildings to place to brighten up your home. But, to do so, there is one common ingredient you need: fabric. Here is how to get fabric in Planet Crafter.

How to get fabric in Planet Crafter

How to get Fabric in Planet Crafter
You can fabric in blue chests throughout the planet.

As it stands, there is only one reliable method to get fabric in Plannet Crafter, and that is to find it. While you explore the planet’s surface, you are going to come into contact with blue boxes. These blue boxes contain a wide variety of items, from the different tiers of ores and metals to mods and upgrades. In some boxes, you can get an item called fabric, which is the resources you need to craft devotional furniture in your base, such as beds and chair pieces.

In the early stages of the game, you can get quite a few pieces of fabric from the crashed ship at the top of the hill from the starting shuttle. Head sine the hull and there are roughly around four pieces of fabric, which is enough to get a bed if you wanted one.

Also, when you dismantle items in the game using the dismantle chip, you get 100% of the resources spent on the item back. So, if you find you don’t want a decoration item anymore, you can retrieve your spent fabrics. Use this when you fancy redecorating or changing an item’s position in your domain. It is also possible to deconstruct furniture you see while out exploring download spaceships or stations and get fabric that way.

Other than that, there is no other way to get fabric in Planet Crafter. The game is in early access, so more ways could be added in the future. Perhaps the food grower could get cottonseed that could help create fabric in the game?

This concludes our Planet Crafter fabric guide. For more content, why not check out our Planet Crafter guide hub?

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