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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Lilligant Boss Guide

Overcome the mighty ballet dance!

Updated: May 4, 2023 9:38 am
pokemon arceus lilligant

Lilligant is not a difficult boss to deal with, you just need to keep moving and learn to dodge. 

Yes, in the mighty words of Team Four Star’s Abridged Piccolo, dodging is vital in this fight as Lilligant leaps around the arena with ease and you’re but a poor trainer with only bags of medicine to do battle with. 

Outside of this, the area of attack that she performs when leaping into the air and back down again will potentially catch you out a few times, but don’t fear as even if you’re in the dead centre, a quick dodge will negate any damage. Upon doing this a few times, she’ll knock herself dizzy for you to go in for the attack. 

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Bring a fire-based Pokemon, as this will immediately light a fire under her and get you through the fight much quicker than you really ought to spend on it. 
She also sends out a giant ring of energy that you need to dodge through towards her, so you can land a few balm hits before the big performance strikes again.

Your goal, if you’re not great with dodging, is to throw as many of the balms as possible and ensure you bring it down to halfway. This way, if you happen to blackout, you’ll be able to restart from the halfway mark by choosing to continue the battle. 

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