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Can Diglett be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Can the little Ground-type Gen 1 Pokemon Diglett be shiny? Let's take a look.

Updated: Jan 10, 2022 11:39 am
Can Diglett be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

It’s time for the next Spotlight Hour. This January 11th, Diglett will be in the spotlight which obviously means you’ll be asking yourself, can Diglett be shiny in Pokemon Go? Long answer short, yes! You can indeed find yourself a shiny Diglett during this spotlight hour but it’s worth noting that Diglett’s shiny isn’t one of the best. In fact, the only difference between Diglett and shiny Diglett is the nose, which is turned blue instead of pink.

Groudon returns to Pokémon Go raids, Shiny Diglett added - Polygon

Now that you know if you can catch a shiny, don’t leave just yet. We’ll cover what the best moveset to get for your Dugtrio is, that way you can make the absolute most of your new ground type.

First of all, make sure you get yourself a three-star Diglett before you evolve it. Ideally, you’ll get a three-star one with a high CP before you evolve it.

Dugtrio best moveset

You’ve now got yourself a three-star Dugtrio with a high CP. Well you’ll want to make sure it has the best moves, that way you’re making the most of your ground type.

Dugtrio is a Ground type Pokémon, which makes it weak against WaterGrass and Ice moves.

The best moves for Dugtrio are Mud-Slap and Earthquake when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.


  Mud-Slap15.4 dps
  Earthquake46.7 dps


  Mud-Slap15.4 dps
  Earthquake46.7 dps

All Dugtrio Moves

Quick moveDamageEPSDPS
  Sucker Punch711.410
  Mud Shot Event511.710
Main moveDamageEPSDPS
  Stone Edge100-43.543.5
  Mud Bomb55-14.328.7
  Frustration Shadow10-16.55
  Return Purified35-47.150

Good luck out there, get yourself your own shiny Dugtrio!

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