People Are Air-Sealing their Pokémon Oreos

And some are being sold for $500 on eBay

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Well, it didn’t take that long did it? You might have seen that Pokémon Oreos were recently released in the USA. With 16 Pokémon featuring on the covers of our favourite creamy cookies, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these edible delights are now being sold on eBay and sealed in air-tight containers to preserve their rarity!

Sadly, to many a Pokémon-fan or a hungry child out there, it’s proven quite tricky to get your hands on a Pokémon Oreo as they’ve sold out in most stores nationwide. Only to be scalped and now being sold at four times the price.


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Pokémon Oreos on eBay

$3.67. That’s how much a single pack costs if you get it from Walmart. A reasonable price, you might agree.

But as with anything that has a ‘rarity’ to it, it’s been sniffed out by scalpers. Like a pack of hungry dogs, these scalpers have rinsed out any aisle of a Pikachu Oreo, and have instead turned to eBay to make a profit.

$20.99, $14.80, $17.00… That’s just how much a few people are selling single packs of their Oreo cookies for.


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The sad thing is, people are buying them. There are many die-hard Pokémon fans out there who would love to get to try these cookies, but then there are also those who only see the value in it.

The rarest of the Oreo Pokémon is Mew. It’s intended to be a fun game, much like the original Pokémon games, to find and get yourself a Mew! But at the end of the day, these Oreos are perishable goods and need to be eaten.

So why not sell them on eBay as a collectible?


The Mew Oreo

Some seem to be ‘reasonable’ and are selling their Mew Oreos for only $20.00, then there are those who are trying to sell theirs for anywhere between $500 and $1,000!


Oreo Mew


But you know what, if I am about to give all that cash away for a delicious cookie, I might expect better packaging than a zip-lock bag. Well, that’s where the air-tight containers come in!


Air-Sealed Containers



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If you’re the type who constantly drops your Oreos, maybe even accidentally bites into one before discovering it’s true value, then perhaps it’s worth investing in some special containers. Well that’s exactly what @roboskillz on TikTok is doing. Now we can officially grade our Oreo cookies!



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I, for one, can’t wait to get a nice PSA10 graded mew cookie in my collection!

But in all seriousness, I hope everyone does eventually get a chance to open up their own Pokémon Oreos pack and get a taste for it themselves.