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Will Rainbow Six Extraction be on Steam?

For PC players, where can you download Rainbow Six Extraction?

Updated: Jan 19, 2022 3:47 pm
rainbow six xtraction

The elite operators of Rainbow Six are now united to face a common enemy: a highly lethal threat known as the Archeans. Assemble your team and risk everything in tense incursions in the containment zone. Knowledge, cooperation, and a tactical approach are your best weapons. Band together and put everything on the line as you take on this unknown enemy.

The tactical co-op shooter is back and this time even bigger than before. With 12 containment zones across the US – all of which are dominated by the Parasite – leads to a hectic and dangerous firefight. Taking on a similar playstyle as Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood style games, players fight for survival whilst strategizing and taking on the enemies with their curated team. You play inn teams of three as you infiltrate alien infested areas and locations, all the while you complete various tasks and objectives.

Rainbow Six Extraction is a Ubisoft game, released on January 20th, 2022. It’s currently on pretty much all platforms except for the Switch: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series S. Although PC players might be a little confused as to where to find it, as Rainbow Six Extraction is not on Steam.

Where can you download Rainbow Six Extraction?

Seeing as it’s not on Steam, you’ll be wondering where you can purchase and download it. Well, the multiplayer tactical shooter will be live on the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store. You won’t find it on Steam, so if you’re wanting to play it, you’ll need to get it through the Epic Games Store or the Ubisoft one.

Xbox Game Pass players who game on their PC will also be glad to hear that the game will be live on Game Pass on day one.

How big is Rainbow Six Extraction

Considering the level of detail and pretty hefty game this is, you’ll need a pretty large amount of space as the game is 45GB.

There you have it, sadly it’s not on Steam but there are thankfully other options available.

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