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RTX 3090 Eagle OC teardown shows 24GB Memory design

Vietnamese retailer reveals top end GPUs internals

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A Vietnamese computer retailer has uploaded a video to youtube, showing them tearing down a custom RTX 3090, an “Eagle OC” variant produced by Gigabyte. This shows us our first look at how the memory modules are arranged on 3090 cards.

The folks over at Hanoicomputer, a Vietnamese retailer selling computer hardware, have got early hands-on action with an RTX 3090. What’s the first thing you do when you get early access to a brand new high-end graphics card? Why take it apart and look inside, of course.

In this teardown video, they’ve shown the internal memory configuration for this GPU, revealing a total of 12x 1GB memory modules on each side of the PCB, for a total of 24GB.

As we’ve expected, the RTX 3090 is another thicc boy, with a chunky physical profile. There’s a triple-fan cooling system, and to our eyes, this is at least a two-slot card, and possibly even three.

We’re not totally sure how representative of other models of RTX 3090 GPUs this will be, this is a custom design by manufacturer Gigabyte, releasing under their “Eagle OC” banner. This is not a reference design, so the exact design of other cards in the RTX 3090 lineup will perhaps not completely line up.

Unless you speak Vietnamese, it might be a little tricky to understand exactly what is being said in this teardown video, but if you just want to gaze upon the innards of this beast of a GPU, you can check out the teardown below:

This quite probably breaks an NDA of some kind. I can’t imagine Nvidia is too happy about this ending up on YouTube like this!

There’s not long to wait for the new top-end consumer GPU from Nvidia, with the release date scheduled for the 24th of September. You can check out all the information on pre-orders over here. Let’s hope that Nvidia can avoid repeating all the difficulties involved in the erratic stock and website stability issues for the release of the 3080.

Did you try and fail to order an RTX 3080? Will you be instead upping your budget to go for the RTX 3090? Let us know if you’re planning to pick up one of these bad boys.


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