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AMD’s popular 7800X3D gets a sensational discount

A top choice processor is getting cheaper as the 7800X3D and plenty other CPUs have gotten discounts

Updated: Mar 1, 2024 3:47 pm
AMD’s popular 7800X3D gets a sensational discount

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The start of March is clearly bringing some Spring cleaning for AMD, as right now you can find its whole range of CPUs discounted. That includes the ever-leading and top choice processor of the Ryzen 7 7800X3D which has gotten a significant discount across the stores.

Coming out in April 2023, it was a late addition to the newer AMD AM5 platform that brought with it plenty of speed and new features. The X3D processor certainly came a lot later than the initial release considering the first flagships that led the way but this provides a strong value choice without the high price tag on top. Currently, the 7800X3D is under $370 for your new gaming PC.

Is the 7800X3D a good deal?

One of the best CPUs for gaming, it offers exceptional gaming performance across the board. It brings a great framerate even topping the sheets as seen in TechSpot’s review of the processor, even the flagship picks. This makes it an even better value choice for all the extra it has to offer yet with such a low cost.

Not only is it a strong choice for performance, the efficiency is also a strong factor of the CPU. This means the 3D cache doesn’t need high power to get all that performance and keep your electric costs down so you can save not only CPU but bills as well.

It also brings you on the latest platform, so you can pair it up with DDR5 RAM as well providing it with a strong speed and support. If you get a future-proof motherboard too, you might be able to pair it with a GPU down the line too.

What the 7800X3D has to offer

  • Dependable and Fast Execution: The processor is designed to reliably execute tasks swiftly, ensuring smooth operation even during demanding workloads.
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: With a maximum operating temperature (Tjmax) of 89°C, the processor maintains stability even under heavy workloads, ensuring consistent performance over extended periods.
  • 5 nm Process Technology: Built on a 5 nm process technology, the processor delivers reliable performance while maximizing energy efficiency, resulting in improved productivity and reduced power consumption.
  • 8 MB L2 + 96 MB L3 Cache Memory: The processor features a generous cache memory configuration, including 8 MB of L2 cache and 96 MB of L3 cache, enabling faster data access and enhancing system performance by reducing latency.
  • 4.20 GHz Clock Speed: With a clock speed of 4.20 GHz, the processor executes instructions swiftly, ensuring rapid task execution and seamless user experience.
  • AMD Radeon Graphics Controller: In addition to its powerful CPU cores, the processor comes equipped with an AMD Radeon Graphics controller, delivering exceptional graphics output for immersive gaming experiences, high-resolution content creation, and smooth multimedia playback.

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