Deep Silver Drops New Shenmue III Trailer At Gamescom

In the lead up to the highly-anticipated release of Shenmue III, Deep Silver has released a brand new trailer for the action-adventure title at Gamescom.

Among the usual story-driven exposition that sees protagonist Ryu Hazuki roaming the streets of idyllic Chinese locales, we get a good look at some of the mini-games – a fan favorite and core part of the Shenmue series – set to make up Shenmue III’s world. 

Framed as an impromptu visit to a local arcade, we’re privy to a selection of classics including a charming throwback driving game, a punching game, and a rudimentary pinball-like game with cutesy backboards sporting etched in animal figures.

Otherwise, the trailer focuses on kung-fu and an underground fighting ring where the land’s best martial artists come to test their mettle against other competitors. Ryu dips in for a few fights that appear to suggest more polished combat than past Shenmue games, but with a near twenty-year break since the last, this should come as no surprise.

As always, it isn’t a Shenmue III trailer without Ryu storming through busy streets, stampeding over tables, and generally making a mess while fighting off a variety of enemies including a demonic hunch-backed fighter who leaves Ryu worse for wear. Battered and bruised, he’s reluctant nursed by Shenshua Ling.

Shenmue III arrives on November 19 this year on PlayStation 4, and controversially on the Epic Games Store, although a Steam release is expected once the exclusivity deal with Epic runs its course.