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Disney Speedstorm welcomes in new fan favorite racer

Updated: Jul 25, 2023 6:58 pm
Disney Speedstorm welcomes in new fan favorite racer

Disney Speedstorm is a game that Disney fans are loving as it brings together a Mario Kart-style racing experience with the many loved characters from our favorite childhood movies. With each new season that is coming up, the developers are bringing new characters for players to earn.

Season 3 is about to start next month, wrapping up our previous Toy Story season that brought in Woody, Buzz, Wendy, and many others. Gameloft has continued to update its fans via Discord and other social media about what racers and events would be coming next.

This past week, we got much insight on what to expect from the August 1st update and what adorable blue fuzzy racer would be joining the lineup.

Lilo and Stitch join Disney Speedstorm in Season 3

This week, the developers for Disney Speedstorm have made many announces in their community Discord server displaying images for the adorable new characters coming in Season 3. All of the new characters will feature beloved Disney characters, including Lilo, Stitch, Angel, and more of the alien team. The image featuring them was posted on Twitter earlier this week.

The launch date for the Lilo and Stitch-inspired season is set to release on August 1, this is when players will be able to gear up as their favorite character from the movie. It is not yet determined if we will receive a Lilo and Stitch-themed race track, though – like a Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride…but from one tweet they teased, it does seem we will get a track. It just isn’t fully confirmed yet.

On top of all those exciting announcements, Disney Speedstorm has taken to Twitter to share that the game will be receiving a big update, including some bug fixes that other players have brought to their attention that they hope will make playability a bit better for them overall. The full list of changes they plan to make can be read on the official website.

Be sure to log onto Disney Speedstorm on August 1 and claim these new racers in Season 3.

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