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Metal Gear collab speculation is growing in the Fortnite community

Updated: Jun 23, 2023 3:31 pm
Metal Gear collab speculation is growing in the Fortnite community

Fortnite is known for doing tons of crossovers between franchises and their battle royale game. Fans have begun discussing what the next one could be, and with the announcement of the Metal Gear collection coming to the Nintendo Switch as well as a master of the third game underway, it has fans wondering.

Metal Gear is a techno-thriller stealth genre of games, the first having been released in 1987, and more on the way for this franchise. The game has some pretty good suits and weapons, so it makes sense why Fortnite fans are discussing waiting for this in the game.

Fortnite community discusses possibilities for Metal Gear bundle

With the Nintendo Direct announcing that the Metal Gear games would be coming to the Switch, it has players talking about if Fortnite will celebrate with a bundle featuring Big Boss or Solid Snake.

A Reddit user put together this image to display what could be included in a Metal Gear Fortnite bundle, and it is quite interesting what they came up with. This post has many other players going back and forth on what the possibilities could be for a collaboration between these two franchises.

One user said, “They probably won’t, but I’ll be damned if I said I didn’t want them to.” Which isn’t too far from the truth. It is unlikely that Fortnite will do anything to celebrate gaming coming to the Nintendo Switch, but maybe we will be proven wrong.

Another user went on to express that Solid Snake is one of their favorite video game characters and showed just how much receiving a skin of him n Fortnite would mean to them. Some users are even going as far as to say if the franchise did add Metal Gear, they would buy their first skin. “Have never bought a skin in game but if the released this I’d probably buy it.”

There is no official announcement from Epic Games stating if a crossover like this is even on the table, but maybe after a community discussion like this, they will consider doing it.

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