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God of War Ragnarok Story Details and Speculations

Ragnarok will threaten all Gods alike.

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Kratos and Arterius finally return after years of silence in God of War Ragnarok. God of War fans were left hanging off the edge of their seats with the finale of the last God of War game after a certain someone’s surprise appearance. Furthermore, players were left with more questions as we discovered the name of the sequel: Ragnarok. A name with enormous and terrifying implications.



God of War Ragnarok Release Date

Although we don’t have an official release date, we do have an official release year. God of War Ragnarok will be coming to PS5 in 2022.

Obviously, it’s frustrating not to have a more certain date considering just how long we’ve been waiting. But nonetheless, we can now expect the game to be coming out in 2022.

We could even hope for an April release, as the last God of War game was released in April 2018.


What is Ragnarok?

In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is both the end and beginning of the world. Whilst in modern culture, we see time as a straight linear line with seemingly a beginning and eventually an end. Norse folk saw time as cyclical, a constant circle of repetition, and that was Ragnarok.

Ragnarok was the end of one world but the birth of another. It was an event of mass-destruction and chaos that brought on the end of Gods and Men.

Ragnarok will be preceded by cruel winters and moral chaos. Giants and demons will spill out from all points and attack the Gods one by one, killing each other in a merciless slaughter. The will darken, the stars will vanish and the earth will sink into the sea.

After the world has seemingly ended, Lif and Lifthrasis (Life and Vitality) will emerge from the unharmed world tree and spark the beginning of a new world.

There are many events and components of Ragnarok that are worth remembering but you should consider these potential spoilers. Although the God of War game is telling its own story, it might still use certain Ragnarok events in its story.


Events of Ragnarok


God of War Ragnarok


  • Ragnarok is said to start when there comes a Great Winter. The sun will no longer be warm and only the cold will thrive. Something we know has already happened in God of War.
  • Men will become so desperate for food and necessities of life that chaos erupts, as all will fight for survival.
  • Yggdrasil, the world tree, will tremble and all the trees and mountains will fall to the ground.
  • The chain that holds Fenrir down will snap and the feral beast will run free.
  • Jormungand, the mighty serpent, will rise from the depths of the sea and spill the seas over the land.
  • Fenrir will devour the world whole, with his lower jaw on the ground and upper one against the sky. All the while Jormungand will spit his venom across the world, poisoning land, water and air.
  • The fire giant Surt will emerge from Muspelheim and march towards Asgard, intent on bringing forth the destruction of all Asgardian Gods.
  • Odin will anxiously consult the head of Mimir for guidance who will tell of prophecies that foretell the outcome of any war. Nonetheless, the Gods decide to go to War.
  • Odin will fight Fenrir, being swallowed in the process. With one of Odin’s sons, Vidar, avenging his father and slaughtering the wolf.
  • Loki and Heimdall will kill each other, Freyr and Surt are each other’s end.
  • Thor defeats the snake Jormungand but after taking nine steps away, he too falls after succumbing to the snake’s poison.
  • When there is none left, the remains of the world will sink into the sea, where there will be nothing left of the old world.
  • Later, a new world, green and beautiful will also arise from the water.

Kratos and Ragnarok

However, as we all know. The events of God of War raise questions when it comes to Ragnarok. The Norse Mythology is being explored in a different lens, as such there will no doubt be a new telling of Ragnarok.

Though there’s no arguing that Atreus/Loki will be as integral to the events of Ragnarok as he is in the original myth.

We must wonder, what will Kratos do to change this myth. What will his presence do to change the world-ending apocalypse.


Who is Tyr in Ragnarok?


God of War Ragnarok Tyr


Tyr is the God of Justice and War. Norse’s own God of War. But he too had an integral purpose in Norse myth. That being that he was the only God brave enough to confront and ‘distract’ Fenrir, enough so that the other Gods were able to chain the bloodthirsty wolf down.

Tyr’s courage and bravery was his defining feature and what made him stand out from the other Norse Gods.


God of War Fenrir


God of War Ragnarok Yormungandr


People familiar with Ragnarok will know how important Fenrir is. He is the wolf that devours the world and kills Odin, he is also the child of Loki.

However, although Jormungand is also a world-destroyer in Ragnarok and a child of Loki, the snake was still in God of War. The lore that he is a child of Loki seems to have been changed in this rendition of the story, but we’ve yet to see Fenrir at all.

We’re probably going to see Fenrir in God of War Ragnarok but we’re yet to see how or why.


Story Speculations and Theories

All we have to speculate on about the game is the trailer and the events of the previous game. As such, there’s not much to work with but from what little we know, I have a few assumptions and theories.

  • The first boss fight will be against Thor, but dying in the process. Kratos will be taken to Valhalla but escape it to return to Atreus.
  • Atreus will initiate the war between Gods.
  • Fenrir will show up, perhaps not as a literal son of Atreus but a manifestation of his rage (which we’ve seen a lot in-game).

I do have a few more ideas but those might be a little too much, so I’ll abstain about mentioning them just now!


The Last Norse God of War

As part of the PlayStation showcase, Sony did announce that God of War Ragnarok will be the last Norse story in the series. This of course isn’t as bad as it might sound, Kratos and Atreus might still go on together, but no longer in Scandinavia.

There’s still a lot that can be done with the game series and other pantheons, afterall.

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