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This HP Pavilion RTX 3060 gaming PC deal is now under $800 on Amazon

22% off this gaming desktop by HP, featuring the highly regarded RTX 3060 graphics card

Updated: Jul 21, 2023 1:50 pm
This HP Pavilion RTX 3060 gaming PC deal is now under $800 on Amazon

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Gaming PCs with previous generation components continue to receive discounts, turning powerful machines into affordable gaming systems. The HP Pavilion is from a reputable manufacturer and while you may not be able to upgrade this, the price has dropped irresistibly below $800. The current HP Pavilion desktop deal on amazon gives you 22% off the original listed price.

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HP Pavilion gaming desktop deal

This gaming PC features the RTX 3060 GPU, one of the most popular cards to grace gamers systems in a long time. Even now, this card holds its value and it is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy any game in 1080p with maxed out settings. It is technically capable of some 1440p results, however, it would be advisable to pair this system with a 1080p monitor.

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Assisting the GPU is Intel’s affordable i5-10400F processor. This CPU is perfectly fine for gaming at 1080p but it is worth noting that it is now 3 generations old. Still, when paired with the 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD, you’ve got yourself a lovely little budget gaming PC.

The HP Pavilion gaming desktop would also make an excellent office companion, thanks to its small compact chassis. This gaming PC deal also comes with a mouse and keyboard, which are fine for working, however, for gaming, you will need something of higher quality.

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HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop (RTX 3060)

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