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Panasonic Launch OLED TVs With HDMI 2.1 Support

The new range of TVs will all feature next-gen console friendly HDMI 2.1 support for 120Hz gameplay in stunning 4K image quality.

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Panasonic is the latest brand to release its own range of OLED TVs – with the first models in the new range all offering up next-gen console-friendly HDMI 2.1 support. Alongside this, Panasonics new ‘Master HDR OLED Professional Edition Panel’ will also be utilized in the cheaper, more budget-friendly JZ1500 – not just the flagship JZ2000. Alongside stunning contrast ratio and impressive luminance, the new HDMI 2.1 TVs will also allow next-gen consoles to reap the benefits of 120Hz gameplay in 4K UHD image quality.

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Panasonic Produce Four New OLED TVs

The JZ range will replace the aging HZ series, with new models including the JZ980, JZ1000, JZ1500, and JZ2000 – all of which will sport the new impressive OLED panels. Panasonic has decided to limit the size of the new OLED panels to a max of 65-inches – with other models in the range measuring in at 55-inch and (new to 2021) 48-inch – presumably to please the next-gen console gamers.

For the JZ2000, the flagship option, users can enjoy the benefits of color tuning by Stefan Sonnenfeld, alongside Panasonic’s own technical color accuracy – providing a stunning visual experience when watching everyday TV or movies. The Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel will feature in both the flagship JZ2000 and the cheaper JZ1500, allowing users who don’t require the audio performance of the JZ2000 to still enjoy stunning HDR performance.

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Panasonic goes on to say that all new OLED series panels will feature the brand new HCX Pro AI Processor (which was announced with the JZ2000) – enabling the new Auto AI picture mode. This new feature helps to optimize the visual experience you receive without having to press a button. It will recognize the type of content you’re viewing and then automatically adjust the picture quality to achieve the best results.

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Panasonic’s New Game Mode Extreme

Finally, alongside the new HCX AI Pro Processor, the new OLEDs will also support a new feature – Game Mode Extreme. Like in high-performance gaming monitors, the Game Mode Extreme feature will reduce latency to help eradicate on-screen artifacts like smearing, ghosting, and general blurring.

Panasonic says that these latency reductions are – “the result of significant engineering enhancements made by Panasonic, rather than industry-wide panel improvements. Furthermore, all OLED models will also feature AMD FreeSync Premium – allowing next-gen console players the ability to utilize VRR (variable refresh rate) alongside a 120Hz refresh rate.

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