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Reddark: Has your favorite Subreddit gone private?

Reddark exists to follow along with the blackout and see what other communities are taking part.

Updated: Jun 13, 2023 8:47 am
Reddark: Has your favorite Subreddit gone private?

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With all the madness of the Reddit blackout going on right now, it can be hard to follow. Introducing Reddark an open-source website where you can follow along and watch Subreddits go dark in real time. Reddark: Has your favorite Subreddit gone private?

What is Reddark?

Reddark is a free and open-source website that makes tracking the private Subreddits taking part in the Reddit blackout easy. Reddark was created specifically for this event and it was whipped up by a team of people passionate about this Reddit blackout and what it stands for.

team credits reddark

You can easily track the Subreddits that have gone private, and the subreddits that enlisted into the blackout, but still haven’t gone private. The Subreddits are ordered by the number of subscribers.


Not only is Reddark a website, but there is also a Reddark Twitch stream where everyone can come together and watch Reddit go dark in real-time.

How many Subreddits are going to go private during the Reddit protest?

According to Reddark, it is estimated that around 8,300 Subreddits agreed to go private, with a few of them still dragging their feet in doing so. As of the time of writing, there were 7,742 Subreddits that have either gone private or read-only. A huge achievement.

How many users are affected by the Reddit strike?

If you combine the number of subscribers of all those Subreddits that have gone private, according to Reddark once again, there are almost 3 Billion people affected in some way by this Reddit Blackout. (2,847,764,412 at the time of writing) It’s not easy to quantify that many people, but it’s over a quarter of the world’s population.

Has the Reddit blackout affected you? We want to know how. No matter what, it’s always amazing to see the community band together. This was Reddark: Has your favorite Subreddit gone private?

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