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Sea of Thieves Hotfix patch notes

Updated: Sep 8, 2023 2:37 pm
Sea of Thieves Hotfix patch notes

Sea of Thieves has come with a hotpatch to fix issues that came in the new The Quest for Guybrush update. This update was to give an homage to the Monkey Island games, and it has been very well received. However, many game updates come with issues, so fixes and patches need to come too.

There were many issues, like treasure not leaving ships, pirates are immediately attacked on islands, and the Flaming Jackal Compass wasn’t pointing in the right direction. These issues and more have been fixed by this recent hotfix.

If you like Sea of Thieves, be sure to check out our articles on the game. The following patch notes come directly from the game’s official website.

Hotfix Sea of Thieves Release Notes

Hotfix –

Fixed Issues


  • Pirates entering the water or setting foot on islands should no longer find themselves set upon by emergent threats so quickly. Lingering in the water and sauntering around islands will still result in an ambush sooner or later, but not at the same frequency as before.

‘The Quest for Guybrush’

  • After returning from the Sea of the Damned, pirates who drop treasure overboard will no longer find the items returned to their ship.

Visual and Audio

  • The Flaming Jackal Compass now points pirates in the correct direction!

Known Issues

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Full Release Notes

These release notes cover a hotfix. For full details on recently added game features, see the release notes on our latest content update.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox Series X: 9.72 GB
Xbox Series S: 5.99 GB
Xbox One X: 9.72 GB
Xbox One: 5.99 GB
Microsoft Store: 9.75 GB
Steam: 5.7 GB

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