Top 16 ICOs That Will Take the Gaming Industry to A Whole New Level

Blockchain technology is reshaping the world as we know it. There’s now better financial channels, decentralization, incentives, and improved security.

But you know what else blockchain technology is revolutionizing?

The gaming industry.

Below are the top ICO companies that can reshape the gaming industry to a whole new level.

DISCLAIMER: We’ve come up with this list based on our opinions and our opinions alone. We do not intend to promote nor provide financial advice.

You should know that investing in ICOs is risky. Make sure to do your due diligence before putting money into any ICO project.


1. alax

ALAX focuses on aiding emerging markets in the mobile gaming industry by utilizing the blockchain platform. They want to bring games to every people who have access to smartphones and cash but are unbanked.

By utilizing DECENT’s blockchain technology, ALAX aims to deliver a more transparent transaction and better and easier payment and distribution to improve mobile games. With the help of Dragonfly’s influence as a mobile game distributor, it aims to benefit distributors, gamers, and developers alike.

Co-founders Kalvin Feng, the CEO of Dragonfly, and Matej Michalko, who has 7+ years of experience in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and bitcoin, are among the strong names leading the team.

Their roadmap is as credible as the data you will find on their whitepaper. By the first quarter of 2019, ALAX Store will be launched in Emerging Markets.

Learn more about ALAX here.


2. Flux

FLUX GAMING ICO is a decentralized global gaming ecosystem. It utilizes the blockchain technology to monetize games not just for developers but for players as well.

Players can earn money by winning, competing, and trading in-game items. They can even make investments.

Through these transactions, developers will earn commissions. Investors, on the other hand, can earn and raise funds through their crowdfunding system. They can also share profits with their co-investors as the game grows.

The creator of the FLUX first concept is Alexandr Sushko. He has more than 7 years of experience in management and business development before gathering professionals from various industries.

With more than 17 years of experience in software development, business, and marketing development, Jan Keil, meanwhile, is FLUX’s CMO current VP of marketing at Infopulse Ukraine.

Those two started back the ICO in summer of 2016 and it showed a steady development since then.

Today, FLUX token is listed on the exchange and set to release their mobile client, developer, and trade market by the 3rd quarter of 2019.

More about their roadmap here.



The DreamTeam ICO is an E-sport & gaming recruitment and management network. It aims to address the problem within the industry of eSports gaming.

Currently, the eSports market is not secured. Even top-participating teams are having problems with non-payments of prize money as well as fraud.

By utilizing a blockchain system for e-sports and gaming, the DreamTeam was able to establish itself in the industry. Their solution has led to a lot of achievements.

Alexander Kokhanovskyy is the CEO and founder of DreamTeam. He has a solid 17 years of experience in the industry of E-sports.

Together with Volodymyr Panchenko, they aim to implement their first prize money payout by the second quarter of 2019.

They have an effective solution backed with quality data and analysis on their whitepaper and their roadmap. Last March of 2019, they launched their blockchain test network along with smart contracts support and introduced management and recruitment tools this April of 2019.

Check their website to learn more about their projects.


4. joy-token

JoyToken aims to solve the 3 problems of online gambling by utilizing blockchain systems: trust between gamers and casinos, high cost, and high-risk game launches. It also aims to address the lack of monopoly and innovation.

Casinos, users, and game developers will benefit from the system.


By using the blockchain system, it will be easier to create trust through smart contracts. When a game ends, only then can the smart contract access a user’s wallet to credit winnings and whatnot.

With this, users and gamers will be able to trust that they are provided with a game that is fair and free from cheating.

Game developers will be able to make money real-time, too. Once a game is released, there won’t be any form of licenses or regulatory compliance needed and the game will be legal to play around the world. You can learn more about it by checking out their website here.

CEO Andrew MacDonald and CMO Mike Leys are the people behind the innovation and idea.

Andrew has 20 years of experience in retail and online gaming by working for major blue-chip companies. Mike, meanwhile, has over 34 years of professional experience with 30 years experience in the marketing sector.


5. BitGuild-Features

BitGuild is built for gamers by gamers. Right off the bat, BitGuild aims to provide a more efficient platform for both gamers and developers.

By utilizing a blockchain, both players and developers will be able to experience true and full ownership of in-game assets. This means that players will be able to do cross-game trading of items.

Its blockchain system offers a safer and cheaper way of trading currencies.

BitGuild was founded in 2017 by Jared Psigoda who happens to be its current CEO. Together with Curtis Chiu (COO), Mikail Larionov (CTO), and the rest of the team, they aim to release their first blockchain games on BitGuild Portal by the fourth quarter of 2019.

A detailed list of their projects can be seen on their website in this link.


6. IQeon

IQeon aims to help players monetize their in-game achievements by providing a decentralized blockchain gaming PVP platform. Both users and developers will benefit in the process.

Players will be able to monetize in-game based on the type of achievement they unlock. At the same time, they will be protected from fraudulent activities with the blockchain technology and smart contracts.

This means developers will be able to get more and more players as the game grows.

The entire idea started back in 2016 and showed a steady development since then. Today, they have a handful of released games which you can download and install.

All of these were made possible with Vadim Dovguchits (CEO), Igor Podlesny (CSO), and the rest of the IQeon team.

Learn more about their projects and idea by visiting their website.


7. Refereum

By partnering with large gaming brands like Unity and Twitch, Dylan Jones strives to transform and reclaim the gaming industry.

In his project, gamers will buy games using Refereum and developers will get more traffic by utilizing it to reward players. This offers developers the opportunity to maximize their game and distribution since they know there’s money coming back.

Referum takes security very seriously. In fact, they partnered with Ambisafe to come up with a very secured smart contract.

Learn more about it here.

TriForce Tokens Ltd

8. triforce-2

TriForce Tokens Ltd aims to become the most universal of gaming currencies around the world. They focus on various multiple gaming platforms that offer player-to-player trading to reward a collaborative experience.

Game developers will be provided with new revenue models, player behavioral analysis, and lower player attrition rate to create an all-out digital asset empire. With the use of the blockchain technology, revenue will be generated and liquidated.

At the same time, players are protected from piracy. Learn more about their plans and goals here.

The team is led by Pete Mardell, a crypto enthusiast and former Head of Development in a UK recruitment platform. Together with General Manager Jacob Ashby, a bachelor degree holder in International Business, and the rest of the team, they strive to redefine the global gaming experience.


9. Fishbank

Fishbank is a unique P2P (peer-to-peer) PVP (player-versus-player) game on the blockchain. This features fishes with a healthy community-driven economy and gaming assets that are based on smart contracts on Ethereum.

You will buy, trade, and grow a fish. You can also fight with other fishes and earn as you work your way to the top of the Ethereum food chain.

Visit their website here 

Game Machine

10. Game Machine

Game Machine works to provide a better world for investors, gamers, game developers, and advertisers. They strive to develop and improve their game products’ quality by utilizing the blockchain ecosystem.

They started back in March of 2017. Led by Taras Dovgal, former CEO of Hakk Interactive, the company spent more than 5 years in development highload projects.

They have a credible roadmap that showed real progress. Today, they have 8 games with more than 300 in-game goods.


11. Crycash

Crycash aims to provide gamers the freedom to monetize their game time. Game developers will be able to attract a larger audience for their products by incorporating Crycash into their gaming ecosystem and products.

The Crycash ecosystem is specifically designed to allow both gamers and developers to make more from gaming.

They have a Plink App (a communicative app) that aids in monetizing your game time. This allows you to see who’s online and what games your friends are playing.

Led by CEO Wachtang Budagaschwili, Crycash started in the first quarter of 2017 and released WARFACE a year after. By the first quarter of 2019, API integration Crycash will be in 10+ games with more than 10 million gamers worldwide.

You can learn more about their projects and plans here.


12. Dmarket

DMarket wishes to turn the gaming industry upside down by utilizing the blockchain technology into their gaming platform.

Vlad Panchenko, founder and CEO of DMarket, plans to resolve the problem in the gaming industry by giving birth to an easier and safer economy. With this technology, along with DMarket’s views and efforts, there will be no need for a third party for every transaction.

Players will then be able to turn their in-game efforts into real assets they can sell, trade, and transfer from one game platform to another.

You can check their plans and project by visiting their website here.



Playkey comes to the aid of the 81% of players who suffer poor gaming experience with their low-end rigs worldwide.

By decentralizing the service built with the principles of the blockchain, hardware will not be an issue for gamers anymore. Playkey tokens can be used to pay for the games and these games can be played in high quality no matter what gaming hardware you have.

Playkey started video streaming developments back in 2013. They developed decentralized systems that support video cards based on Nvidia GTX graphics cards. It’s expected to launch a final release version of the decentralized Playkey gaming platform by 2019.

More information of their platform can be found on their website.

Led by CEO Egor Gurjev and co-founders Alexey Lykov and Vadim Andreev, Playkey strives to provide a better gaming experience for gamers from all over the world.


14. Nitro

NITRO Token ICO aims to revolutionize the use of cryptocurrency and incorporate them into the gaming industry. With the use of a blockchain-powered economy, they work hard to bring together stakeholders who can provide developers the opportunity to be recognized.

The concept of and goal of NITRO Token ICO began with Directors Kin-Wai Lau, Gerald Tock, Philip Lord, and Jason Giambona. It was also fueled by some of the big names in the industry, like Larry Gan, BB Fun by Life.Sreda, and Hans De Back.

Together, they work to create a better ecosystem that benefits not just the developers but everyone under the umbrella of the gaming industry.

See how they do it here.

Enjin Coin

15. Enjin

Enjin utilizes a decentralized blockchain platform for a safer trading, management, and distribution of virtual goods. This allows both gamers and the game developers to have virtual ownership over goods.

The rewards system is one way to help players earn money. Developers, on the other hand, is sure to add fun and exciting in-game content, in return

They offer a rewards system for players to earn Enjin coins. This can be used to convert into flat money, buy in-game items, or buy other games. Developers, in return, is sure to add more fun and exciting in-game content, knowing that money is sure to come back.

With Maxim Blagov, the CEO and founder of Enjin Coin, Enjin Coin aims to address and solve the high fraudulent activities and fees of today’s gaming industry.

Learn more about the project by checking their website.


16. Neverdie

NEVERDIE’s idea is aimed towards providing both developers and gamers the opportunity to benefit from each other.

Developers code the games in the form of smart contracts that are decentralized. Players will be rewarded with tokens depending on the type of their achievement in-game.

They also have a virtual wallet that protects gamers from fraudulent currency transactions. You can learn more about it by checking their website.

The ICO is led by Jon Neverdie Jacobs. Together with his advisor Richard Lord British Garriot, they aim to address and create an Ethereum-based gaming platform.

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