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VideoCardz report says RTX 3090 will have 24GB of memory

And 10GB for the RTX 3080

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Largely lining up with what we’d previously heard, a report from VideoCardz today says that the Nvidia RTX 3090, expected to be officially announced on September 1st, will come equipped with a whopping 24GB of memory.

VideoCardz is usually pretty on the money with this sort of thing, and they claim that their sources are from a variety of AIBs, manufacturers of these Nvidia designed GPUs. Precise details here might not be completely on the mark, but we expect this to broadly line up with what Nvidia announce shortly.

The RTX 3090 is a new product line from Nvidia, where previously their top-end consumer GPU has been an XX80 card, with above that being their Titan and workstation specific cards. We’re not sure exactly what to expect RTX 3090 pricing to come out at, but it certainly won’t be cheap. Precise performance information is going to be interesting to find out down the line, but we expect this top-end flagship card to push forward GPU performance beyond what we’ve seen before.

It’s a shift that could perhaps be in order to expand their product lineup, pushing the high end even higher, or it could simply be more of a question of rethinking their branding and marketing.

We’ve seen indications that Nvidia is currently working on a card equipped with 20GB of memory. If the RTX 3090 has 24GB, and the RTX 2080 has 10GB, perhaps the 20GB card would be an RTX 2080 Ti? Hard to say for sure, but we don’t have long until Nvidia starts talking about this stuff in detail themselves.

Interestingly, VideoCardz says that Nvidia will not be announcing an RTX 3080 Ti as we’d previously expected, keeping the lineup of cards that will be announced at their upcoming event to just launching the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080, plus giving first information about the RTX 3070. This perhaps suggests that they’ve adjusted their exact schedule, based on what we’d previously heard, but with major tech launches like these, things are often up in the air until they’re officially locked down.


This certainly isn’t going to be something that is required for running any particular games and time soon, but there are a variety of applications for an extremely powerful GPU like we are expecting the Nvidia RTX 3090 to be. If you want to play the latest games with all the settings turned up, with high-resolution monitors, and high framerate gameplay, the more GPU power your system is equipped with, the better performance you’ll get. There are also non-gaming applications for this kind of high-end GPU, including rendering for production of CGI and visual effects, mining cryptocurrency, and professional-level video and photo editing.

An RTX 3090 might be overkill for many users, but in the right circumstances, it might be an essential upgrade.


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