Windows 11 Reveal Announcement

How To Watch Windows 11 Announcement And What To Expect

Windows 11 reveal

snap layouts 1

16:11 – Snap layouts and snap groups are a big focus of the new layout, with the taskbar remembering your windows layouts for easy re-transition and time-saving workflows.


16:15 – Separate, customized ‘desktops’ can be saved and easily switched between to help differentiate your individual work/life experiences in this new working from home world. What this will actually entail in terms of actual features is less than clear at this stage.


16:18 – Microsoft Teams will be fully integrated into Windows 11!

haptics windows 11

16:22 – Haptics is a feature that will give tablet and touch screen users greater functionality with their touchpen/tablet pencil. The onscreen keyboard is also much improved and includes extensive emojis!

windows 11 widgets

16:24 – Customizable widgets are going to be a much more important feature on Windows, which will let you quickly see your favorite news, data, and social media updates on one screen at the same time.


16:29 – As expected, updated Auto HDR is a key feature, which automatically sets your monitor’s settings to high dynamic range (assuming it’s an option) to maximize colors, contrast, and overall visual quality in gaming.


16:31 – Integration of the Xbox app and Gamepass, as expected, will be much improved on Windows 11 compared to Windows 10 (which was an absolute pain to use). Besides this, the promises of greater features for gamers look to be somewhat thin on the ground (based on the presentation at least).


16:36 – Android store now easily accessible on Windows 11!


16:45 – Well that’s a wrap! Not a great deal of info overall on new features. As expected Windows 11 looks to be primarily a more streamlined version of Windows 10, but that’s no bad thing. No news on whether or not Windows 11 will be a free update to the existing OS, as many were hoping for, or an entirely new operating system. Let us hope that Microsoft blesses us so. Be sure to keep an eye on WePc for any further info and leaks on Windows 11 until its eventual release!

How To Watch Windows 11 Announcement

You can watch Microsoft’s live event here for the Windows 11 announcement.

What To Expect At The Windows 11 Announcement

Early leaks of Windows 11 indicate a focus by Microsoft on two main areas (both of which are welcome) – a streamlined UI that emulates many of the best aspects of Mac OS, one which maximizes user-friendliness for tablets and other non-desktop devices, and also a more automatic and simplistic updating of drivers and other software/firmware updates – improving the overall user experience, particularly for gamers.

Beyond this, we might expect to see a new version of the Xbox app and improved versions of Auto HDR.

Windows 11 System Requirements

If you want to check out what specifications you’ll need to run Windows 11, see our article on the subject here.