World War Z Dronemaster Updates Lands July 22nd

A new update is heading to co-op third-person shooter World War Z, developer Saber Interactive has announced. Dubbed the Dronemaster Update, the update hits the game this Wednesday, July 22nd, and will be free for all players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Although the update does feature new content, the big takeaway is that it will finally extend crossplay to PlayStation 4. March’s ‘Crossplay’ update introduced the feature for PC and Xbox One, promising that PlayStation 4 support would arrive later. For context, Saber had already delayed crossplay once way back in November last year. Once the update goes live, players across PS4, PC, and Xbox One will be able to invite one another and join forces to take on the undead hordes.

As Saber explains:

”Join forces across PS4, Xbox One, and PC and turn the tide against the sea of undead. Invite your friends to your party no matter what platform they play on.”

The Dronemaster Update also introduces the Dronemaster class. We currently know very little about the new class other than it will include a quadrocopter drone that follows the player around to help secure areas, protect allies, and provide useful buffs. A short teaser GIF posted on Twitter shows a player shadowed by said drone. Saber calls it a ‘flexible’ class, implying a broad range of gameplay applications.

Saber also hints at an Advanced Combat Weapon heading to World War Z but stopped short of fleshing weapon details. The new Signature Weapon Pack also arrives on July 22nd. It’s a standalone DLC that includes four weapons skins inspired by popular characters.

The Dronemaster Update also introduces a ban system to World War Z. It features a code of conduct alongside the ability to report and block players. ‘We all want to play in a safe and fun environment, without harassment, bullying, cheating, exploiting, etc.’ Saber explains, ‘in other words – be excellent to each other.’

Saber also detailed a set of repercussions fro those that breach the new code of conduct:

”Players who do not respect the Code of Conduct may be banned from accessing the online features of World War Z (including private matches). Offline play will still be available. While being banned players will receive an in-game message with the reason for the ban and the time when access to online mode will be re-established.
Player bans will initially last 3 hours, with subsequent bans being 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days and then permanent. Players may still enjoy World War Z in offline mode while being banned from online. Players banned for cheating will be dealt with more severely. For these players access to online will be restricted for 24 hours at first, then 7 days, 30 days then permanently.”

Given how close we are to the Dronemaster update’s launch, we can expect Saber to drop hints about the new content in the days ahead.