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DualSense Edge vs Xbox Elite 2: Which is the best Pro controller for PC?

Which controller deserves your desk space? Let's find out

Updated: Jan 23, 2023 2:54 pm
DualSense Edge vs Xbox Elite 2: Which is the best Pro controller for PC?

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So, DualSense Edge vs Xbox Elite 2, which makes the best backup for the stalwart keyboards & mouse? Today we’re going to pitch these controllers head-to-head so that we can find out which one is the best option for the games that just don’t play well on a keyboard & mouse.

Specifically things like third-person games like Elden Ring and racing games like Forza Horizon 5. Additionally, platformers don’t play all that well with a keyboard either. Of course, you could go with a racing wheel for driving games, but those take up a lot of room and can be very costly.

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The DualSense Edge is Sony’s first go at a ‘Pro’ controller, which is odd as Microsoft has been making the Xbox Elite series of controllers since 2015.

This means that Sony has a lot of catching up to do with their first go, So DualSense Edge vs Xbox Elite 2. Which controller deserves a place alongside your gaming keyboard and mouse? Let’s take a look.

Playstation logo colour.svg

PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge controller

PS5 dualsense edge controller




Bluetooth, USB Type-C

Additional buttons

2x extra buttons on the back. Choice of levers or half-dome

Battery life

5-10 hours

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Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2


Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC




Standard Xbox layout +4 programmable paddle


Xbox Wireless, USB Type-C, 3.5mm stereo headset jack

Wireless range


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DualSense Edge vs Xbox Elite 2: Features

Of course, the main draw with this sort of controller is the additional inputs you get that maximize your speed in-game. These take the form of paddles positioned on the back of the controller, positioned to be actuated by the user’s middle and ring fingers.

Obviously, both controllers have these paddles, however, the DualSense Edge is already off to a bad start as the Elite Series 2 has four paddles, doubling that of the DualSense Edge. This means that if you can learn to effectively use them, you’ll definitely that the opportunity for a competitive edge over the so-named option from Sony.

Another blow to Sony in this aspect is that Xbox includes an alternative D-pad with the Elite Series 2, allowing you to switch between a traditional D-pad and a more modern-looking one that makes it easier to actuate two adjacent directions at the same time. This is a particularly good feature for precision jumping gameplay, so those of you with a penchant for platformers will have already made up your minds.

No such addition exists for the DualSense Edge, unfortunately. However, it does have the edge (comedy gold 100% intentional) when it comes to repairability, as the DualSense edge features hot-swappable analog stick modules.

This means that you can easily swap the analog sticks out when the inevitable stick drift sets in. It will cost you $20 per stick from Sony, but it’s better than having to buy 3rd party ones and solder them in yourself.

However, 3rd party hall-effect analog sticks will be available in the future from GuliKit, which could keep your money away from Sony, potential legal issues notwithstanding.

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Final verdict

As it stands, the DualSense Edge doesn’t offer as many options as the Xbox Elite Series 2, however, the price is higher, and aside from the attractive design and great build quality, the price is unjustified in our opinion.

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