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Nintendo Switch Lite Cyber Monday deals 2021

Don't miss out on a deal for the Nintendo Switch Lite this Cyber Monday

Updated: Nov 29, 2021 10:51 am
Best Cyber Monday Switch Lite Deals

Are you a fan of gaming on the move? Then you should definitely be keeping a close watch on Cyber Monday deals for the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo’s fantastic portable console that is likely to hit some of its lowest ever prices this year now that the Switch OLED is also available.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the lighter and more portable version of Nintendo’s massive-selling console, making it perfect for playing on the bus, train, on holiday, or even lounging on the sofa. Just keep in mind that the Switch Lite can’t be played in docked mode – that is, connected to a big-screen TV – unlike the original Nintendo Switch and the new Switch OLED. 

However, this trade-off comes with plenty of pluses: the Switch Lite is already the cheapest of the Nintendo Switch family even at full price, it’s super-light even compared to the already-portable original Switch, and it comes in a range of unique colors. Finally, the vast majority of games available for the Nintendo Switch are fully playable on the Switch Lite, too.

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What is the best Nintendo Switch Lite deal this Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday 2021 is probably going to be the best time yet to get a great deal on a Nintendo Switch Lite. Not only is the console now past its second birthday, but Nintendo also launched a new edition of the Switch – the OLED – just a few weeks ago. This is great news for gamers wanting the handheld Switch Lite, because it likely means that retailers will drop some deals on the Lite to move stock now that the OLED is the latest model of Nintendo’s console.

And, with those different color variations we mentioned, we also expect to see retailers trying to boost sales of specific colors through a range of color-specific deals. So if you just want to get your hands on a Switch Lite, and a certain color choice isn’t a dealbreaker for you, you’re going to be well-placed to bag a bargain. Although do keep an eye out for a deal on the coral Switch Lite, which looks awesome.

Best time to buy Nintendo Switch Lite Cyber Monday sale

We’re here to give you a hand on your quest towards handheld gaming. We’ve pulled together all our very favorite listings of the Nintendo Switch Lite this Cyber Monday, looking at the best deals around.

This is the very best time to buy a Nintendo Switch Lite, with discounts expected right across the three-day Cyber Monday weekend. The deals will kick off on Saturday and they might not be around for long if they prove as popular as we’re expecting them to.

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