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Target Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Best Target Cyber Monday hardware, PC, and monitor deals

Updated: Nov 29, 2021 10:51 am
Cyber Monday Target Deals

Whether you’re a particular fan of Target or not, you have to admit that big box stores can offer some crazy deals around the end of November. In particular, Target sort of takes the cake online, turning the regular Cyber Monday event into an entire weeklong affair that offers crazy discounts across a lot of different products. If you’re in the mood for some amazing deals this November, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a massive list of all the best deals that Target will be offering when Cyber Monday 2021 rolls around.

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What Products will Target be Discounting on Cyber Monday 2021?

The variety of different Cyber Monday discounts Target offers will easily match the huge variety of different products that the store offers in total. Everything from cookware to home decor will be featured in the sale. Some of the biggest discounts are likely going to be on popular consumer electronics items like the Apple Watch, and especially on TVs which are usually the star of the show during every Cyber Monday sale. Even self-care products like shavers and toothbrushes will probably end up being part of the fun.

How much will Target be Discounting products on Cyber Monday 2021?

The size of the discounts Target will offer depends heavily on the initial price of the product. Last year, Cyber Monday saw Target knocking up to $120 from the most expensive products like TVs. The Series 6 Apple Watch was previously knocked down by around $50, so with any luck, we might see a similar discount on the new Series 7 in 2021. You should also keep an eye out for online flash sales, as last year Target ran at least two separate flash sales on a lot of different products with insane discounts.

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