Games Like Back 4 Blood

While you wait for new Back 4 Blood content, we wrote this Article 4 You.

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While you wait for new Back 4 Blood content, we wrote this Article 4 You.

If you like Back 4 Blood, you’re probably a fan of shooters, horror, or interesting spins on multiplayer. All of the games on this list fit into at least two of those categories, so there’ll probably be something here for you to play. Here are some games like Back 4 Blood …

With Zombies

Left 4 Dead 2

Nick looks concerned. It’s probably because they haven’t made Left 4 Dead 3 yet.


The acclaimed Valve follow up to developer Turtle Rock Studios’ original zombie shooter game Left 4 Dead is somewhat old at this point, but it is one of the games most like Back 4 Blood — to the point it even takes credit for the title.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a full on sequel with 8 full-length campaigns. It differentiates itself from the previous co-op outing with a new cast of characters (Coach, Rochelle, Nick and Ellis) and a selection of smashing melee weapons. New zombie types have been added to the game and they are fully playable in the asymmetrical multiplayer versus mode.

After game updates in 2010 and 2011, survivors can also play all 6 of the spooky campaigns from the original Left 4 Dead at no additional cost. Thanks to it’s tight game design, an active modding community and full Steam Workshop support, the game remains fresh and fun to jump into even all these years later.

World War Z

World War Z
You’ve probably seen fast zombies, but have you seen ‘climb on top of each other’ zombies? You have? Oh well, never mind then.


Loosely based on the book of the same name (with more than a dash of inspiration from Brad Pitt’s 2013 film adaptation) World War Z is a third person co-op shooter that has up to four players face off against zombies as they try to survive in different locations around the world.

With up to 1000 fast zombies on screen at any given time, World War Z’s episodes can be brutally difficult to get through. Get your best squad mates together for this one.

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2
Maybe if we stand still, he won’t notice that we’re here?


A sequel to 2009’s Killing Floor, this game from Tripwire Interactive and Saber Interactive has up to six players continue to attempt to survive a UK infested with zombies —sorry, ‘Zeds’— and other monsters after a viral outbreak caused by the Horzine company. In 2016 a patch added “Game Controller” code that manipulates the enemy placements and difficulty of a run through, not unlike Back 4 Blood and Left 4 Dead’s AI Director.

Killing Floor 2 has full Steam Workshop support and new maps, characters and content are released regularly by it’s active modder community. You’ll have no trouble finding an online game for this one.

Dying Light

Dying Light
Everyone understands if you drive recklessly in a zombie apocalypse.


A first person shooter that takes place in a zombie infested open world city in the Middle-East called Harran. It’s the spiritual successor to Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide (both of which were also developed by Techland) that adds parkour into the mix. Also, the entire thing can still be played in co-op by up to four players, which gets it on our list of games like Back 4 Blood.

If you play this one with your friends and still want more zombies then there’s also an expansion pack called The Following. It’s included in the Enhanced Edition for free.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

This doesn’t seem like the best time for a soda, if you ask me.


Activison’s yearly franchise continues. Call of Duty 17: Black Ops 5: Cold War is a mammoth of a game, with a fun single player campaign that reminded us of GoldenEye for the N64 and the standard multiplayer mode with an active community. What gets it on this list of games like Back 4 Blood however are Die Maschine and Dead Ops Arcade, two undead horde fighting modes that will probably scratch that itch to shoot the undead.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Back 4 More War.


In the fourth entry of the Sniper Elite spin-off from Rebellion Developments, the hordes of undead Nazis are back and trying to revive Zombie Hitler. Because of course they are. This third person shooter trip across Europe in 1946 will see up to four friends travel to Milan, Sardina, Croatia, Naples and Rome as they continue to try to put an end to the nightmare reich that wants to dominate the free world. Don’t skip this one, it’s one of the best games like Back 4 Blood on this list.

Without Zombies

Strange Brigade

Their one weakness! Explosions. A lot of things are weak to explosions.


Rebellion Developments’ co-operative game Strange Brigade is like Left 4 Dead, except it’s also about treasure hunters and set in the 1930’s. What we’re basically saying is that it can be good fun, especially with the right group of friends.

With a pulpy Americana vibe that captures the feeling of old school Hollywood adventure serials, Strange Brigade has interesting character classes, branching level design and puzzles to be solved. Well, that’s if you’re good enough at shooting to get past the minotaurs, the giant scorpions and the mummies.


These non-zombies sure are a bit like zombies.


When a group of prisoners are sent down into an underground complex in the Chicxulub Crater and find out that it is full of ancient and terrifying monsters, they have to fight for their lives. In this survival horror co-op shooter, up to four players will have to rely on stealth and rationing scarce resources if they want to make it out alive.


How does that thing even see?


In this game developed by Holospark and released by Gearbox Publishing, up to four players face off against alien invaders. Earthfall was compared very unfavourably to Left 4 Dead upon release and never really found it’s own audience. While it doesn’t quite hit the level of quality of it’s inspiration, it might scratch that itch if you’ve already played all of the other games on this list to death.

Shadow Warrior 2

This one has more robots and cyborgs than the rest.


In this sequel to the 2013 reboot of 3D Realms’ 1997 shooter Shadow Warrior, wisecracking ninja Lo Wang is off on another adventure. After being soul bound to a scientist called Kamiko to save her life, he must go on a quest to purify her body of evil energy so that he can get her out of his head.

This one has some RPG and looter-shooter elements that are divisive among die-hard fans of the Shadow Warrior franchise, but is generally a good time if you’re willing to go with the flow of it all. It’s another game with lots of monsters to shoot that can be played in co-op with as many as four players, but we have to let you know in advance that only the person hosting will get any achievement unlocks.

Deep Rock Galactic

Make sure you bring a flashlight.


Set in the future of a fantasy universe, Deep Rock Galactic is about dwarven miners that have left the mountains to work for an intergalactic mining company on the alien world of Hoxxes IV. Featuring procedurally generated maps and fully destructible terrain, up to four players will have to work together to keep each other alive in dangerous situations, complete various missions and get paid.

Each dwarf is of a unique class with it’s own specialist abilities and equipment, so everyone feels essential and helpful. Each character can also be customized with cosmetic changes that will help you put your stamp on the character in multiplayer and feel a little bit more attached to them when the giant bugs start to attack.

Payday 2

payday 2
Left 4 Banks.


This shooter replaces survival horror with the high-stakes world of organized crime. In Payday 2, one to four players choose a character from the twenty two members of the Payday gang and take part in at least 12 heists. Over 30 heists are available if you’re okay with buying post-launch DLC. Some of them feature crossovers with ultra-violent game series Hotline Miami and critically acclaimed action film series John Wick.

Also returning from the original Payday: The Heist is a “No Mercy” Left 4 Dead crossover campaign pack, this time presented as a flashback. It’s exclusive to the Steam version, but is a pretty cool addition to the game overall. It follows the gang as it’s hired to steal a sample of the “Green Flu” disease from Left 4 Dead’s Mercy Hospital. I’m sure that will only go well …

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Where does a giant rat even get something like that?


This one is a bit like a sword-and-board combat version of Left 4 Dead. Set during the early days of “The End Times” —that’s not foreboding at all— the Heroes of Ubersreik from the original Vermintide have to go on a quest to stop the rat monsters of Clan Fester from building a magical portal called the Skittergate.

With varied, interesting locations, nice graphics and intense minute to minute co-op gameplay for 1-4 players, this is not one to be missed. There are lots of Warhammer games, but this is without a doubt one of the best. If you like this one, there’s an expansion called Winds of Magic that is worth looking into, too.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Less hiding, more shooting!


It’s a bit of a gaming site faux pas at this point, but Remnant: From the Ashes is a lot like Bandai Namco’s Dark Souls, except for the fact that it has traditional co-op and more guns. Set in an alternate timeline where the world ended after being taken over by an interdimensional evil that was bothered by some Americans that didn’t know better, this action packed world-hopping adventure is honestly a thrill from start to finish.

Up to three friends can enjoy Gunfire Games’ third person action adventure game together in its entirety —which will come in handy when the larger, more intense bosses arrive to destroy you. This one is a lot of fun!

Tense Asymmetrical Multiplayer

Legacy Evolve

Looks a bit like Sam Fisher, ready for retirement.


While not about zombies, this asymmetrical shooter from Turtle Rock Studios was an inspired idea. In Evolve, four players take the role of hunters, while a solo player takes on the job of being a kaiju-like monster. While the game has always been a good amount of fun, it’s aggressive monetization and some lengthy DLC plans scared away would-be monster hunters before the game could even capture their hearts. It was officially put to rest and de-listed by publisher Take-Two Interactive in 2018.

With no one working on content updates and the dedicated online multiplayer servers offline, you shouldn’t expect any changes to come to the game. You can still play with your friends and peers in private matches however, thanks to the free-to-play release of Legacy Evolve.

Dead by Daylight

You’ll see a lot of this in Dead by Daylight.


A slasher horror film in asymmetrical action video game form. Dead by Daylight sees one player take on the role of monster and murderer. Four other players are put into the role of the attractive young people that need to work together to fire up enough generators to get away before they lose their lives.

Though Dead by Daylight launched with it’s own unique characters, the game’s massive popularity has led to crossover appearances by horror baddies from film franchises like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead, Halloween, Saw, Scream and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Spooky video game foes didn’t want to be left out either, with post-launch DLC content coming in from the Left 4 Dead, Silent Hill and Resident Evil brands too.


It’s a shock this game never had any Jaws DLC.


This asymmetrical multiplayer game has players take on the role of deep sea divers in search of hidden treasure, or sharks that intend to eat them. It has no campaign and hasn’t had that many content updates, so we can’t promise this one will hold your attention for too long. There have always been worries that the divers are at a disadvantage, so no one ever seems to really want to play as them. While not the best received of the games like Back 4 Blood on this list, it can be fun. Especially if you’re the sharks.

Primal Carnage: Extinction

He’ll probably be fine.


Another asymmetrical shooter, this one takes more inspiration from Jurassic Park. One team is human with guns and gadgets and the other made up of ever-dangerous dinosaurs. While Primal Carnage: Extinction has been out since 2015, it’s still receiving regular new content updates and balance patches, meaning that you can jump into it and find a game without much trouble even all these years later.

Natural Selection 2

Not sure what’s going on here, but it looks intense.

It’s marines vs. xenomorphs in Natural Selection 2, a PC exclusive first released in 2012 by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Natural Selection is a unique series in that it is both a first person shooter and real time strategy game. Marines have an assortment of weapons and can build exosuits, while aliens can evolve into different classes with unique powers. One player on each team takes on the role of “Commander” and helps their team from afar by setting objectives, gathering resources and deploying their special abilities too. If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is — but it’s also good fun.

Aliens vs. Predator (2010)

avp2010 e1628079663142
We’re not sure if we want either of them to win.


This one is a bit like the previous game Natural Selection, but tear out the commanders and add a third faction, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s old enemies The Predators. In this game based on the movie franchise, each faction has their own single player campaign. If you go through these missions you can learn the ins-and-outs of each of the species’ character types before jumping into the fast paced and frantic online multiplayer mode.

Friday the 13th: The Game

fri13 1
He’s probably just here to get his hockey mask. Oh, he’s wearing his mask? Oh no.


Like Dead By Daylight but not quite as interesting because every baddie is just one of many different kinds of almost always hockey mask wearing Jason Voorhees-es. You can have up to seven camp councillors and just the one serial murderer in a semi-open world map as they each try to complete their objectives. Film licensing issues have had this one delisted and it’s servers pulled offline, but if you can find a game key then you can still play Friday the 13th: The Game online through it’s peer-to-peer matchmaking.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

predator hunting grounds
Predator on the hunt.


IllFonic and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Predator: Hunting Grounds has a squad of special ops marines go to the jungle and encounter, well, The Predator. It’s 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer, where the soldiers have mission objectives to fulfill and The Predator wants them all dead. The Predator can do everything you’d expect of one from the movies. It’s surprising it took so long for this concept to be turned into a game, honestly.

Unique Online Games

Death Stranding

Play as a digital Norman Reedus.


Hideo Kojima’s handsomely funded cinematic “indie” project might not be the first game someone would think of to compare to Back 4 Blood, but with spooky monsters, creepy vibes — and most importantly, a unique spin on online player-to-player interaction, we figured it was worth a mention.

Described by Kojima Productions as the world’s first “strand” type video game, Death Stranding uses asynchronous online social elements to have players help or hinder each other in real-time on each other’s maps. You’ll never see another player, but you’ll appreciate the ladders and ziplines they’ve put down as you try and avoid monsters while completing your deliveries for the BRIDGES company.

Hunt: Showdown

Which way to the Battle Bus stop?


Hunt: Showdown is a unique player vs player vs environment multiplayer shooter set in 19th Century Louisiana. Developed by Crytek, the game mixes up monster hunting with Battle Royale —  with a Wild West L4D vibe —  and sees teams of up to three hunters go after monsters in an open world.

As vital clues are gathered that narrow down their prey’s location, players must contend not only with smaller creatures like grunts, but try to survive brutal fights with other people that are after the monsters too. There’s not much ammo, but players should be careful not to die — if they do, they’ll lose all the gear they brought in with them.

State of Decay 2

We know you mistook this one as Forza, for just a minute. Don’t worry, we did too.


Microsoft’s open-world zombie survival adventure game State of Decay 2 often feels a bit like if you mixed elements from a traditional zombie apocalypse video game into Nintendo’s Animal Crossing. There’s a settlement and the people in it that all have needs. You’ll need to develop infrastructure and gather supplies. You’ll deal with visitors that all have their own needs and goals and just like Animal Crossing, none of the NPCs will do anything for themselves.

Thankfully, you can invite your real friends to your game and up to four of you get it done together. While State of Decay 2 is basically falling apart under the weight of its own ambition and could definitely have used a bit more QA, it’s definitely a lot of fun — and that got it on this list of games like Back 4 Blood.


People are more dangerous than zombies. That’s true in real life too.


Originally a mod for ARMA 2, DayZ was officially released by Bohemia Interactive in 2018 as a standalone game. Players in a DayZ server share a map and fight it out for resources as they attempt to last for as long as they can in a zombie apocalypse.

It can be a struggle to group up with friends when you log in to this one, but if you do manage to get the squad together then it can lead to some intensely fun and interesting gameplay. Especially when you have to deal with other players that are largely more dangerous than the zombies themselves.

Doom Eternal

He looks mad. You should probably play Doom Eternal to cheer him up.


While Doom Eternal is largely a single player game where you rip and tear your way through the seemingly endless hordes of Hell on Earth, the newly introduced ‘Battlemode’ allows for players to control the demons and really test each other’s skills out. In this 1 v 2 mode, the solo green clad warrior needs to kill both demons, while the demons can win simply by reducing Doomslayer’s health to zero. If the slayer can’t kill both demons within 20 seconds then a defeated demon will respawn, which makes it a quite tense game mode.

Early Access / Coming Soon

No More Room In Hell 2

If that zombie kid came near me I’d be swinging that crowbar.


Following in the footsteps of games like DOTA2, Counter Strike and AutoChess is No More Room In Hell 2. A Source Engine mod turned into a full video game for release due to it’s insane popularity. Described as a passion project made by developers in their spare time, the game follows a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Zombies on Source Engine, you say? If only a developer had thought of that…

This one is especially good if you have a large group of friends, as up to eight survivors can brave the horde together. What further differentiates No More Room In Hell 2 from Left 4 Dead (and other games like Back 4 Blood) is it’s focus on accuracy to George Romero zombie films. One bite and you’re dead.

Second Extinction

This one has blue dinosaurs.


A strikeforce of up to three players face off against mutant dinosaurs in Second Extinction, a co-op shooter where the ultimate goal is to reclaim Planet Earth from it’s new dinosaur rulers. It features dynamic weather and time of day systems in a sprawling seven region map.

Currently in Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview, this one is definitely still a work in progress. Second Extinction has no traditional single player campaign as the developers at Systemic Reaction have opted to design the experience entirely around co-op mission objectives. This game seems like one to keep an eye on if you’re looking for games like Back 4 Blood to play with your friends in the near-future.

Soul at Stake

This one has pretty cool environments.


This is another asymmetrical survival horror title similar to previous titles on this list Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th: The Game. Developed in Asia by indie developer Chongming Studio, the game’s store page prides itself on Soul at Stake’s “oriental theme” for the map and monster designs, which take heavy inspiration from Chinese folklore. This one is also still in Steam Early Access, but the store page says that the English language version is not a priority for updates, so we understand if you want to skip this one.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction

Not their usual Siege.


Previously Tom Clancy’s unfortunately titled Rainbow Six: Quarantine, this game takes characters from R6: Siege and has them deal with an alien invasion as part of REACT (Rainbow Exogenous Analysis and Containment Team) instead. Supporting co-op for up to three players, the game uses procedural generation to keep things fresh as players do 12 “incursion” missions objectives across three map sub-areas. This one is different to other games like Back 4 Blood in that it has a focus on using stealth to save ammo and get around as quietly as possible, closer in spirit to GTFO.

Warhammer 40K: Darktide

This one is like Vermintide with guns. So we’ve come full circle.


Fatshark’s follow up to Warhammer: Vermintide 2. This game takes place in the Warhammer 40K sub-universe instead. From what they’ve shown off, there’ll be monsters, machine guns, smoke coming out of vents and 80s action-horror movie vibes in any direction you look. This one will probably be a lot of fun when it comes out in 2022.


What did you think of our lengthy list of games like Back 4 Blood? Are there any you think shouldn’t have made it on to the list? Or did we miss something really obvious? Let us know in the comments section below.