Battlefield 2042 Vs Call Of Duty Vanguard

Battlefield Vs Call Of Duty- Which is better? Which should you buy? Both?

Call Of Duty Vanguard VS Battlefield 2042
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The Call Of Duty and Battlefield franchises are two of the largest in the gaming world, with both producing some of our favorite FPS moments for nearly 20 years! The vast majority of us probably only ever play one or the other, maybe with the occasional annual switch if a particular release takes our fancy. Traditionally, Call Of Duty has always been the more accessible, fast-paced FPS shooter that once upon a time had a place in esports as well, whereas Battlefield always saw itself more on the immersive side of things.

Of course, Activision had a different idea about the CoD franchise a while back and put a quick end to modding, ensuring that more of us would buy their latest title and play competitively how they saw fit (sad face). Battlefield on the other hand looks set to continue with premium modded content, a step in the right direction indeed.

In all honesty, after you get beyond the fact these are both FPS games, the similarities really end there but let’s go through and dissect Battlefield 2042 Vs Call Of Duty Vanguard, to help you decide which blockbuster game you should be investing your time into.


Battlefield 2042 Vs Call Of Duty Vanguard – Game Engine

Battlefield 2042 is built on the frostbite engine, one of the most impressive in the gaming world. Frostbite, developed by DICE, is designed for cross platform use and really does make modern gaming look glorious. The engine features dynamic weather, destruction, and truly amazing optimization.

Call Of Duty Vanguard makes use of the Infinity Ward engine, an engine that is synonymous with ‘fun’ and smooth mechanics. While the graphics on Vanguard are set to be an improvement on current titles, this time around it also brings in dynamic weather, and some environment interactions, such as breaking wooden walls.

Battlefield 2042 Vs Call Of Duty Vanguard – Campaign

Storytelling has always been a Call Of Duty strength, with particularly fond memories going back to CoD4’s ‘Gorillas In The Mist’ mission. It didn’t end there for the franchise either, as they grew an exponential amount and reaped years of high sales, the Call Of Duty franchise sought to bring in famous actors into the mix, making the cut scenes truly special for an FPS shooter like CoD.

Battlefield, in general, has usually been a bit behind on the campaign front in my opinion, however, still managed to deliver epic visuals along the way. The destructive element with Battlefield always made the game feel great but I just never got sucked into the story as much as most Call Of Duty titles.

CoD Vanguard Single Player

From the teaser trailers, the gameplay trailer, and a few leaks, we all know that Call Of Duty Vanguard takes place around WW2. We are going to be taken across the eastern and western fronts of Europe, to the Pacific, and North Africa. We know that we will be playing as special forces across the world, with characters who have been inspired by actual heroes in the war. The demo trailer showed us playing as Polina, a Russian soldier who appears to be an expert sniper for the Soviet Union.

Call Of Duty Vanguard Beta Sign Up

Based on that demo, we can assume we will also play as Lucas and Wade, two other operators that appear to be part of the Vanguard task force.

BF2042 Single Player

As you are probably aware, this simply doesn’t exist at this stage. Dice confirmed a while back there wasn’t going to be a campaign and after the last title’s story, I’m not surprised.

Battlefield has a poor track record, with the only standout campaign I can remember enjoying being the amazing stories of WW1 in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 2042 Vs Call Of Duty Vanguard – Multiplayer

When it comes to multiplayer, both Battlefield and Call Of Duty have had some tremendous success, however, the two have never been comparable. Call Of Duty became a multiplayer success off the back of CoD2, a truly fun experience that snowballed into a bustling competitive scene. Call Of Duty multiplayer was always on a smaller scale with intricate maps that played extremely well, however, Battlefield went down the large scale route, incorporating a combination of small arms and vehicles into the mix.

There is no doubt that Battlefield has always had a more immersive war experience but both games featured a lot of skill in multiplayer combat.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 looks to carry on from what we have seen from titles 4 and 5, with large-scale, all-out warfare. We are going to get all the modes we love from the franchise such as Conquest and Breakthrough, with support for up to 128 players, all fighting on the land, sea, and in the air.

battlefield 2042 screenshot 6 min

An exciting feature coming for BF2042 multiplayer is the Portal system. Portal will allow players to discover unexpected battles across the Battlefield universe. Bringing elements from old titles such as BF1942, BF3, and Bad Company 2. Another new game mode is ‘Hazard Zone’, which is going to get you and your squad dropping into a high-stakes multiplayer experience. You can expect more destruction in the map environment than ever before, plus the inclusion of dynamic storms, which is surely going to give us one of the most immersive BF experiences to date.

battlefield 2042 screenshot 3 min

A feature coming for BF 2042 that is splitting opinion is the new ammo types. It is feared that Explosive and Incendiary rounds could change the multiplayer gameplay but we are just going to have to wait and see.

Call Of Duty Vanguard

Call Of Duty rose to fame for its highly accessible, fast-paced nature, and Vanguard will almost certainly follow that trend. While older fans may still yearn for CoD of old, Vanguard is set to bring a bit of life back to a stale franchise. It is a matter of opinion but for me, Call Of Duty multiplayer went downhill from the first Black Ops title, adding clunky weapons, and making multi-fragging with just a gun a bit more difficult.

Call Of Duty Vanguard Open Beta Date

Call Of Duty Vanguard is confirmed to have 20 maps in preparation for launch, which is impressively high. Four of the maps are for a game mode known as Champion Hill, something we got a taste of in the Alpha testing. With the game taking place around the world, we are going to be thrown into diverse biomes in multiplayer too.

Other than Champion Hill, we have also been shown Patrol, a fresh take on Hardpoint, where moving objectives across the map need to be taken by your squad. You can expect Perks and killstreaks in this latest edition too. The biggest news in terms of multiplayer this time around is the revamped gunplay mechanics, reactive environments, more weapon customization, blind fire, and custom ballistics. These additional features certainly make this Call Of Duty feel like something other than just another re-skin.

COD Vanguard Zombies

Call Of Duty Vanguard features Zombies, a game mode I’m sure every CoD fan is familiar with. This mode is once again developed by Treyarch and could potentially have a story to it that ties into the Cold War edition.

DLC & Mods

Battlefield has had the edge over Call Of Duty in terms of DLC and modding for a long time. Activision pulled mod tools for the PC community a long time ago, probably to stop fans enjoying a game for longer than a year or two? Who knows. That being said, with Warzone being such a big hit, the need for fresh content is an issue, so I’m sure there could be some interesting additions for Vanguard too.

Call Of Duty Vs Battlefield – Which Franchise sold more?

Generally speaking, Call OF Duty has always out-sold Battlefield. It is a game that fans keep blindly buying (including me) despite how little they enjoyed the previous. Warzone skewed things slightly seeing as it was a free-to-play game but in general, CoD is king here. As of April 2021, Call Of Duty had sold 400 million games, bringing in a whopping $27 billion from sales!

Battlefield on the other hand, despite being the older franchise, has sold about a third as many units at 88 million. This proves how popular Battlefield is, however, the size of the gap was surprising to me. There was a time when Battlefield pinched an edge with the release of BF1, and with CoDs title at the time being the one we all like to forget about (Infinity Warfare) it is hardly surprising.

Final Word

Both Battlefield 2042 and Call Of Duty Vanguard should never be compared, they are far too different, offering us completely different FPS experiences. Both titles look set to be exhilarating this time, so which should you spend your hard cash on? Well, for an immersive all-out war experience, Battlefield and its combined arms are going to satisfy you the most.

For fast-paced action, ridiculous multi-fragging, and ripping heads off while sliding, Call Of Duty Vanguard is the way to go. If like me, you are probably just going to end up buying both, essentially wasting a sizable chunk of cash, oh well.