How to reroll in Blue Archive: Reset for best team building

Not ready to take your lumps? Here's how to reset!

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To reroll in Blue Archive, you’ll want to use the guest account and then complete the tutorial until prompted to create an account.

Blue Archive has hit in the west and is now Global! The game features cute anime girls doing battle with other baddies with guns. If you ever wanted to see some chibi characters mow down their peers in cold blood, then now is your chance!

Blue Archive is the latest gacha game to hit both iOS and Android, with now being one of the opportune times to hop into it, as you’ll receive an additional lot of gems to acquire more cute anime girls for your murder sprees.

Gems are used for the gacha system, where you pump in the paid – or earnt – currency into ‘banners’ in hopes of getting a new or rare character to use in the game.

However, the method of rerolling in gacha games is to simply reset and try again until you get what you want. It’s a long and tedious task – one I don’t particularly recommend – but if you’re that way inclined, more power to you.


Download the game and log in as a guest

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First, you’re going to need to get hold of the game. Head to the Play Store or App Store and search for Blue Archive. Simple enough. Then, after it’s downloaded the additional 2GB of data, simply log in with the Guest Account. This will ensure you don’t tie any data to the game, needing you to restart or log out and use another account entirely.


Use your Preregistration Rewards

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If you signed up beforehand, you should have an additional amount of pulls for the gacha, so be sure to use them as an additional chance to get in for rerolling! If you happen to get who you want now, you will absolutely want to link your accounts up!


Link your "account"

Once prompted to link your account properly, you’ll want to make sure you do so to either a dud email account, but not your Apple ID.

I tried to use my Apple’s new hiding the email feature and it was such a faff to disconnect it, that I don’t recommend it. Instead, ‘salt’ your email address. This works on Gmail only.

When signing up, simply add a +1 (+2, +3 and so on) and then log out, try again! Easy peasy!


That’s it! Simply log out again and again until you get who you want to have in your team for the ultimate headstart!

Blue Archive is a lot of fun that doesn’t require a lot of attention, looks great and is being fairly generous at the start. Be sure to jump in now before the additional bonuses vanish and you can’t roll as much!