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Clash Royale Champions – What are they and how to unlock

Everything you need to know about the Clash Royale Champions in one, simple guide

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:26 pm
clash royale champions

Clash Royale Champions are a new introduction to the game, welcomed in the newest update dropping later this month. They’re a pretty big addition to the game and will certainly shake things up gameplay-wise.

If you’re looking for more info on these new Champions in Clash Royale, we’ll be breaking down all right here. So, make sure you read on to get clued up on this exciting update.

Who are the Clash Royale Champions?

clash royale champions

Archer Queen

The Archer Queen is one that Clash Royale fans should already know and she brings with her a nice little ability for you to enjoy.

The Archer Queen utilizes a ‘Cloaking Cape’ that allows her to become invisible as well as shooting arrows at an extreme rate, causing an insane amount of damage in the process.

Golden Knight

The Golden Knight, despite his looks, is a beast on the battlefield, using his brawn to bulldoze his way through enemy lines. His ability ‘Dashing Dash’ makes him run towards the adversaries with no fear, chaining attacks along the way.

Skeleton King

The Skeleton King, as you would expect, utilizes the dead to help him overcome his enemies. His ability is called ‘Soul Summoning’ and allows soul collection to bring the deceased back to life and join him in the fight.

How to unlock Clash Royale Champions

As previously stated, there are three Champions being introduced in the new Clash Royale update. However, if you haven’t read the patch notes from the developer, it’s a little unclear on how to unlock them in-game. It is, however, surprisingly simple. All you have to do is reach KL 14, the new level introduced in the latest update. This will unlock all three Champion cards for you to slot into your deck as and when you want.

How do Clash Royale Champions work?

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So now you know who the three Champions are in Clash Royale, how do they actually work? 

First off, Champions are unique cards that you can only have one of in your deck. You can also only have one deployed at any time thus meaning it stays in the card cycle until it has been fully destroyed.

The Champions themselves will start at level 11 and if you would like to upgrade them over time, you can do the same as any other cards that you use. Each of a Champion’s abilities, that we went over before, are activated via the Ability button but beware, they do have a cooldown for a while, so make sure you use them wisely.

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