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Easy ways to make money in Dave the Diver

Updated: Jul 5, 2023 3:27 pm
Easy ways to make money in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver is an incredible marine adventure created by MintRocket and filled with hours of entertainment. Armed with your trusty harpoon and other weapons, you will plunge into the depths of the Blue Hole to catch fish, collect ingredients, and discover untold secrets.

When on land, you will manage the Bancho sushi restaurant, crafting dishes and serving customers. There are plenty of eccentric characters that you will meet with many of them offering side quests. Discover all of the mysteries this adventure RPG has to offer.

Whether you want to dive into the sea, upgrade materials, or purchase a piece of property, you will need some cash to get yourself set up and established. You won’t find any by fighting the giant squid, but there is plenty of cash to be found. Here are some easy ways to make money in Dave the Diver.

How to get money in Dave the Diver

There are plenty of ways to collect money in Dave the Diver from selling items on the ingredients menu to getting rid of items in your inventory.

Working in the restaurant

Working in the restaurant is perhaps the number one way you will get money throughout the game. Not only do you need to serve customers, you need to make sure you serve them in a timely manner. The better the service is, the better the ratings will be that the restaurant gets.

Better ratings will lead to more customers which will, in turn, get you more money. This is one of the more tedious mechanics in the game but it will help you get that extra cash to upgrade your oxygen tank.

Sell items to Cobra

Cobra is one of the many lovable characters in the game that you can interact with. He always appears on the boat before you dive. Sell items like seashells, coral, and treasure to him to get some more money for your oceanic adventure.

When you get more high-ticket items like gemstones and gold bars, make sure to sell those to Cobra as well.

Sell extra ingredients

Finally, you can sell extra ingredients like fish to Bancho at the sushi restaurant. After completing the prologue, you can sell any extra fish that you have from your dives to get some more cash to help fix up the sushi bar and upgrade it. Make sure you spend the money hiring some good employees.

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