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How To Disarm Traps In Dead Island 2

Updated: Apr 24, 2023 3:11 pm
How To Disarm Traps In Dead Island 2

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This guide will show you how to disarm traps in Dead Island 2. There are many dangers in Dead Island 2 that you will discover as you explore the streets of Hell-A. While most of the threats you will face are of the zombie variety, there are some other dangers that exist that are a little more… lively. Most of the humans are just looking to survive and don’t want to be the next person eaten by one of the undead. Because of this, many have built traps.

You will see traps sprinkled all over the streets of Hell-A but mostly in buildings. Get caught in a trap and it can prove deadly.

How to disarm traps in Dead Island 2

To summarise, disarming traps is pretty simple in Dead Island 2:

  • Find a home that is riddled with tripwires
  • Make your way around the tripwires
  • Interact with the gun that the tripwires are connected to
  • After interacting, the trap will be disabled.

You won’t come across traps for a little while in the game. Throughout the Halperin Hotel section, you won’t see any traps. It isn’t until you reach the Beverly Hills section of the game that you will start seeing traps sprinkled around. These traps appear in builds and consist of tripwires tied to guns. Not the best way to go out if you get caught in one.

Dead Island 2 Trap

To learn how to disarm traps, progress through the story to the point where you are searching for Jesse. You will enter a home that is riddled with tripwires. Unfortunately, you can’t just simply interact with tripwires. Instead, you need to interact with the gun itself. If you touch the tripwire, the gun will go off and if you happen to be standing in the way, you will get hit.

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Make your way around the tripwires and interact with the gun they are connected to. This will allow you to disable the entire trap. If you manage to do this, you will also get ammo for your weapons, a useful bonus for taking the long way and going around the traps. Just don’t try throwing a Curveball at them. Weapons can set off traps.


How do you disarm traps in Dead Island 2?

Disarming traps is pretty simple but ensure that you’re entering an area with trapwires to interact with.

I can’t find trapwires in Dead Island, why?

Chances are, the area you’re in does not have traps around. Until you reach Beverly Hills where traps are sprinkled around most areas.

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