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Dead Island 2 Skope Servers – How To Fix and Where To Find

Updated: Apr 25, 2023 5:16 pm
What do Skope servers do in Dead Island 2

Early on in the game, you’ll need to work out how to fix the Dead Island 2 Skope server offline error, and how to get those servers back online. The very first one you come across is found in Cole Swanson’s home and the oval black modem device will only disappoint you. Fortunately, we have the answer to what Skope is here, as well as how to eventually get them online. 

The Skope servers are found throughout Dead Island 2, but much like Dead Island 2 fuses, and Dead Island 2 fast travel, you’re going to have to wait a little while until you can take advantage of the Skope servers. 

What is skope units in Dead Island 2?

You may of seen these mini units in Dead Island 2, these are called Skope. In a late-game quest ‘The Search For Truth’, you will need to reboot the Skope network on Ocean Avenue.

How to fix the Dead Island 2 Skope server offline error

How to fix the Dead Island 2 Skope server offline error

This is one of the simplest guides you will find but potentially one of the most frustrating, the only way to fix the Skope servers is to progress through the story. Once you reach The Search for Truth mission the mystery will begin to unravel and you can access all the Skope servers you have previously seen. 

Dead Island 2 Skope Locations

Skope units are laid around the Dead Island 2 map, here’s a complete list of where you can find these in the game:


  • Curt Swanson’s first-floor living room
  • Emma Jaunt’s coffee table
  • Curtis Sinclair’s study (you need to complete ‘The Death Of The Party’)
  • Under the TV in the Goat Pen kitchen.

Halperin Hotel

  • On the reception desk in the lobby
  • On a table in the baggage check area, this is outside the hotels’ front door.

Beverly Hills

  • Under the TV in Farouk’s House
  • In the master bedroom in Michael Anders’ house
  • In the mansion under renovation in Beverly Hills, on the nightstand
  • In the wastewater treatment plant’s control room
  • Military research facility second floor, on the desk in the office

Venice Beach

  • Burger ’66 counter
  • Rodriguez’s lifeguard tower, on the kitchen counter
  • Venice Autos garage office

Ocean Avenue

  • Seling Hotel’s reception desk
  • Silver & Steel back office in Lotusville Mall
  • 24LA News Conference Room
  • OSK store’s server room

Santa Monica Pier

  • Lifeguard HQ tower desk
  • Funland Arcade’s office

The Metro

  • On the shelf in the zombie-free utility room

Hollywood Boulevard

  • Re-Aging Clinic, on the desk in the back room

Monarch Studios

  • Jimmy Montana’s trailer
  • Kelli Jo Longeteig’s trailer
  • Alesis Hernandez’s trailer

To clarify, there is a total of 25 Skope Units in the game, we’ve organised it for you per area, so get collecting them!

What do Skope servers do in Dead Island 2?

Once the Skope servers are unlocked you can backtrack through the game and see what they have to offer. For a bit of background, it’s worth noting the servers are all related to Lola Konradt, a tech mogul who founded Skope. The Skope servers are essentially Alexa-style speakers that will give the player little nuggets of information to flesh out Hell-A.

We’ve got you covered if you need some more assistance with Dead Island 2 – check in with our guides on how to turn off alarms in Dead Island 2, and how to open the Dead Island 2 gate to the hills.

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