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Who is Fynch in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen? – Voice actor, location & more

Everything you need to know about the new Hive Ghost NPC

Updated: Apr 12, 2022 8:30 am
who is fynch destiny 2

With every new expansion in Destiny 2, the story arc grows more and more meaning one thing – additional characters for you to interact with. The Witch Queen is no different with both old and new characters entering the fray as your progress through the incredible Campaign missions.

One new character that’s particularly intriguing is Fynch due to its never seen before nature and intriguing stories about The Witch Queen herself. Below, we’ll run you through who Fynch is, where to find Fynch, as well as who is the voice behind the character.

Who is Fynch in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen?

Fynch is a Hive Ghost that despite being in Savthun, The Witch Queen’s ranks, chose to break free from her spell, and instead, is now helping Guardians uncover her dark secrets.

Fynch also provides some backstory on how Hive Ghosts came to be, suggesting that they were regular Ghosts once upon a time who were lured into Savathun’s grasp with promises that they were doing even more good than before. Unfortunately, this was not the case…

Fynch location in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

fynch location destiny 2

So, now you know who Fynch is, where is this Hive Ghost located in the world of Destiny 2? Well, Fynch is located in the Quagmire region of Savathûn’s Throne World which is marked clearly on your Directory map.

Rather than making your way on foot (or Sparrow), the quickest way to get to Fynch is to use the fast travel location in the Quagmire and Fynch will be on your left when you spawn in. This will certainly help as you need to go back to Fynch for Throne World bounties and increase your rank.

Who is Fynch’s voice actor?

fynch voice actor destiny 2

You know all about Fynch in-game-wise now but what about drawing back the curtain and finding out who voices this interesting NPC.

Fynch’s voice actor is Robin Atkin Downes, who you might have been able to decipher due to Downes also voicing The Spider from previous Destiny 2 expansions. You may also know him from various other projects such as the animated Star Wars shows.

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