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Dune: Spice Wars Fremen faction preview

Here is a preview of the Fremen faction in Dune Spice Wars.

Updated: Apr 6, 2022 4:06 pm
Dune Spice Wars Fremen faction

Publisher Funcom and developer Shiro Games have revealed the fourth playable faction for Dune: Spice Wars, the Fremen faction. The Dune Spice Wars Fremen faction is a desert focused faction haling from Arrakis. These are a desert focused tribe faction angered by the imperial forces making their presence.

Dune Spice Wars Fremen Faction Overview

The general gameplay experience for the Fremen faction is centred on being a more explorative faction. This faction can go further before succumbing to the exhaustion of the planet and be less attractive to Sandworms. Moreso, this faction can even ride Sandworms into battle. In addition, this faction also has focuses on stealth by hiding and ambushing enemies with guerrilla tactics.

Fremen Leaders and Councillors

Funcom has shared a quick look at what the Dune Spice Wars Fremen leadership looks like. This helps to paint a picture of what the faction is about and also gives you an indicator of lore characters from Frank Herbert’s original series associated with the faction in-game.

First up, the leader of the Fremen tribe is the Liet Kynes. She is the daughter of the individual who set up the spice cycle. This makes her a great Fremen and also someone familiar with Imperial culture. Her people believe she will lead them from the water scarcity and their distrust of the Imperials to freedom and believe she will help create a lush world in Arrakis unfit for the spice trade.

We also got an idea of the leaders involved in the faction, featuring the Chani Kynes, Stilgar Ben Fifrawi, Mother Ramallo and Otheym. Each of these represents different factors of the faction, such as acclaimed warriors, rogues and administrators within the faction.

Fremen units

Dune Spice Wars Fremen units
Image via Funcom

The Fremen units in Dune Spice Wars are known for the ability to be resupplied less along with their fast movement through the Sandworm mounting.  Moreso, a lot of the units in the Fremen infantry lineup are focused on surprise attacks and ensuring they can remain stealthy by creating miniature outposts. Below you’ll find a closer look at the units under the fourth playable faction.

  • Warriors – Armed with long knives and master of terrain.
  • Infiltrators – Stealth-based units that can go invisible and their invisible strikes to find weaknesses. Perfect for setting up ambushes against unsuspecting infantry.
  • Skirmishers – These have a large supply of grenades that is great for ambushing armoured units.
  • Fedaykins – Elite infantry units that get stronger the more enemies they face on the battlefield.
  • Kulon Caravans – Armed with Maula Rifles to defend themselves, however, their purpose is to set up camps that act as proxy bases to heal and replenish their allies and make units invisible while at the camp.

These Fremen units help to create a picture of the playstyle you can expect from the fourth Dune Spice Wars faction.

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