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God Of War Ragnarok Weight Of Chains – How To Complete

Rage, Rage, Against The Dying Of The Light

Updated: Nov 15, 2022 9:56 am
God Of War Ragnarok Weight Of Chains – How To Complete

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God Of War Ragnarok is finally here, bringing with it a whole host of quests that you can take on. But how do you complete these quests, with one of the first major side quests you’ll hit being God Of War Ragnarok Weight Of Chains.

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How do you complete this sidequest, this undertaking? We take a look at it and find out.

Hitting The Bay Of Bounty For God Of War Ragnarok: Weight Of Chains

God Of War Ragnarok Weight Of Chains

With Kratos and Atreus (and Mimir of course, can’t forget about that wonderful Scottish storyteller regaling us with tales while we travel) on their quest, it’s your choice whether or not you take on this quest in the first place. You’re able to completely bypass all side quests (or favors, as God Of War Ragnarok calls them) and come back to them later, but a lot of these quests have rather a lot of emotional significance if done as they come up, and lead to some brilliantly beautiful story beats. Due to this, we’d recommend completing them as they show up, and that includes the Weight Of Chains.

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You’ll come across this favor naturally in your travels, and will be told to find a key in the center isle. Head to the mass of land, close to a geyser, and use your axe to destroy the rocks and enemies in your path as you do so. You’ll come across a puzzle, one familiar to those who have already played God Of War (2018). Turn the crank, freeze it in place and blow your way through the ground underneath you to uncover an enemy. Defeat this enemy, and you’ll get access to the Watchtower Key.

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Using The Key

Take the key to the Watchtower and unlock it. You’ll see a pot that you must first destroy so that you can climb a wall, and this wall will take you to a drum. Use this drum to hit upon a startling realization about Lyngbakr Island.

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That’s not an island. That’s a living creature, trapped in the hopelessness of despair and you have the power to free it.

Freeing The Creature, Breaking The Weight Of Chains

Make your way toward Lyngbakr Island with your boat and defeat all enemies that cross your path. You’ll notice multiple different restraints around the beast, and it’s up to you to uncover them and release them. Start this process by chopping the first restraint just in front of you, and get to the next one.

You can now travel around to the other side of the island, defeating the enemies along the way as you make your way up toward the second chain. Destroy this chain, then destroy the enemies that appear after you do it before you get an angle on the actual restraint. Here’s where the whole process gets slightly more complicated and confusing, though.

Once you destroy the nest, you uncover a firebomb dispenser that can destroy golden rocks, and you need to pick up one of these bombs, throw it towards the Lyngbakr’s tail and clear the gold in front of the dock.

It’s The Final Chain Now In God Of War Ragnarok Weight Of Chains

Head back to your boat, and sail over to the tail of the Lyngbakr. There are draugr’s around to defeat, and once you’ve done that you need to jump up a ledge in the corner of the island. Cut the restraint, slide down the zip wire and destroy the shackle.

Finally, you’ll need to take your boat to the eye of the Lyngbakr as Mimir instructs you to do, and speak to it about the fact it finally has the freedom of movement. Once you do this, the quest finishes.

One Of Many Favours

This is just one of many favors in God Of War Ragnarok, and it’s certainly one that has an emotional resolution. You’ll find quests like this throughout the realms, and it’s up to you when and if you take them on.

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