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How to craft ammo in Dead Island 2

Updated: Apr 21, 2023 11:33 am
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Are you in desperate need of ammo in Dead Island 2? Did you finally get guns only to not be able to get ammo for them? Luckily, you can craft ammo in Dead Island 2 so you should never run out of precious firepower. Of course, crafting ammo requires the correct materials. This means you need to go zombie hunting.

Ammo is a precious commodity in Dead Island 2. While you can craft it, it isn’t the most common item to find just lying around. This guide will show you how to craft ammo in Dead Island 2.

How to get guns in Dead Island 2

You get guns pretty quickly in the game. After you go through the movie studio, you will get contacted by Sam B who found a large stash of guns in Beverly Hills. Make your way to him and you will start a story mission that requires you to defend a home while using a rifle.

Dead Island 2 Hunting Rifle

After this mission is complete, you will be able to find guns throughout the game. You get to keep the hunting rifle free of charge. When you return to Emma’s house, Carlos will even have a few guns available in his shop. Just make sure to repair your weapons should they break.

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How to get ammo in Dead Island 2

There are a few ways that you can get ammo for your guns in Dead Island 2. You can craft the ammo, find it, or buy it. Merchants in the game will sell ammo. They typically sell higher-caliber ammo for rifles and shotguns. To craft ammo, you need to get the blueprints for it.

Dead Island 2 Pistol Ammo Recipe

The pistol ammo blueprints can be purchased from Carlos once you get back to Emma’s house with your first gun. You can buy the blueprints for $625. After that, you will always have it and you can craft ammo at a workbench just like you do Med Kits.

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