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How to fight NPCs in Street Fighter 6

Updated: Jun 7, 2023 2:56 pm
How to fight NPCs in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is a fighting game which means you will be doing a lot of combat throughout the story. The new World Tour Mode allows you to create your own avatar and explore Metro City, learning from Street Fighter legends like Luke, Ryu, Ken, and Dhalsim.

Capcom put a lot of work into the RPG-styled game mode and it shows. As you progress through the World Tour Mode, you will be able to fight off NPCs who wish to challenge you. This guide will show you how to fight NPCs in Street Fighter 6.

How to challenge NPCs in Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode

As you explore Metro City, you will find NPCs minding their own business. If you wish to fight one of them, simply walk up to them. Your character will automatically fight the NPC when you interact with them.

Fighting NPCs is a great way to gain experience and increase your stats in World Tour Mode. Defeating them will sometimes get you gifts that you can give to your masters to increase your bond level.

If you wish to fight stronger NPCs, there are some areas on the map where more difficult foes tend to appear. You can also find more dangerous enemies at night that will give you more EXP. Additional NPC enemies will appear during side quests as well.

How to fight NPCs in Street Fighter 6 Fighting Grounds

Another way to challenge NPC fighters or bots is to enter Fighting Grounds. Fighting Grounds is another single-player mode that allows you to participate in one-on-one fights.

To fight an NPC in Fighting Grounds, you simply need to enter the game mode, select your character, and then choose who you want to fight. You won’t be fighting random NPCs here. Instead, you will be fighting any of the characters on the roster like Cammy, JP, Guile, or Chun-li.

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