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Football Manager 22: Is it coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Football manager 2022 Xbox Edition is accessible on Game Pass on November 9.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:48 pm
Football Manager 22: Is it coming to Xbox Game Pass?

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Football Manager 22 is almost here, offering players another good crack at becoming the best football manager. For those interested in the game, we’ll give you all the prelaunch information you need. We’ll guide you to pre-ordering Football Manager 2022 while answering your questions on whether Football Manager 2022 is on Game Pass. This will get you up to speed ready for Football Manager 22 release date on November 9.

Is Football Manager 2022 on Gamepass?

Good news everyone, Football Manager 22 is on Xbox Game Pass. No matter whether you’re a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass on PC or Xbox, you will be able to play Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition. It is important to make the difference between the two, as Football Manager 2022 is traditionally a sim game designed for PC players.

Football Manager 22 Xbox Edition vs PC

Last year, the Football Manager Xbox Edition and PC versions differed quite a lot. The PC version had create a club, whereas the Xbox version didn’t. Instead, the Xbox Version had somewhat quicker seasons and better graphical options for the console audience.

The Football Manager 22 Xbox Edition is getting plenty of new features, aiming to bring it in line with the PC version. The Xbox version is getting a new feature called the Data Hub, which houses all your data, analytics and other needed tools to create the best quad possible for your club. You can now request reports, and get visualization, similar to what you can expect on the PC version.

In addition, the console version is getting better animations. Console gamers are much more used to FIFA 22 and eh animations those footballers have, Football Manager is heading that way, but it’s still got a greater way to go. Meanwhile, that isn’t a major priority for the PC version.

One of the features that both PC and Xbox are expanding on is the Deadline day feature. Gamers on both consoles will experience the drama of eh deadline window, with prompts informing of player signings and more. If you have the option to play either version, then your visual quality and cross-progression will want you to head to the Xbox Edition. if you like the simulation, PC is the better choice.

Where to buy Football Manager 2022

You can grab Football Manager from your favorite game retailer, such as Steam, the Xbox Store, or grab it via Game Pass. If you’re looking for a key redistributor to grab a sale, perhaps try Eneba?

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