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Is Honkai Star Rail Better Than Genshin Impact?

Updated: May 2, 2023 4:31 pm
Is Honkai Star Rail Better Than Genshin Impact?

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If you’ve been following Hoyoverse’s releases over the years, you probably have big expectations from their latest title: Honkai: Star Rail. There’s every reason to be excited about it. Their previous Gacha title, Genshin Impact, was such a huge success after all.

Looking at the gameplay sneak peeks, the two titles seem to hold stark similarities with each other. However, if you were to put their gameplay features head-to-head, which game comes out on top?

Does Honkai: Star Rail Outperform Genshin Impact

The simple answer is, it all comes down to preference. The two games have particular differences that are clear upgrades when compared to the other, but the overarching features are one’s that comes down to the player’s preference in the end. 

For example, Honkai: Star Rail will feature turn-based combat rather than continuous combat as in Genshin Impact. This means you’ll get to utilize your entire party’s strengths and abilities in a team vs team format, where each party will get to decide their move before proceeding.

Some players might find this new feature appealing as it’ll allow for a simpler interface while allowing more creative players to incorporate more strategy in their play.

On the flip-side, some players prefer the dynamic play that they could only enjoy in Genshin Impact. Combat can feel far more fluid and unpredictable, and that rush of adrenaline you get in the middle of a fight when you’re flicking through your roster of characters is unmatchable. 

Honkai: Star Rail does have one clear edge over Genshin Impact, though. The Gacha rates are significantly cheaper. Considering that the game is available on mobile phones, it seems like Honkai: Star Rail will be a fantastic budget option moving forward. You’ll be able to unlock characters at cheaper prices, meaning you won’t have to wait that long to get your ideal roster. 

At the end of the day, the two games have a lot in common and you could easily swap one for the other if you’re not too picky over the combat dynamics. The elegantly drawn out storylines are present in both Hoyoverse titles. So if you’re in it for the plot, you don’t have to worry about missing out if you only have one of the two games.

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