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Is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom co-op?

Here’s all that we know.

Updated: May 10, 2023 3:15 pm
Is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom co-op?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom tries a lot of new things, from crafting to delving further into new-age RPGs. This causes many fans to wonder if they will bring back some form of co-op similar to other games.

Here’s what we’ve got so far.

Is Tears of the Kingdom co-op?

Well, as far as we can tell, there will not be a co-op option for Tears of the Kingdom. As with most Legend of Zelda titles, a multiplayer option is out of the question, with a history firmly rooted on single-player puzzle-solving adventures. So those of you who want to play with friends will be disappointed since it won’t be there.

Take a look at the trailer here.

However, what we believe might have brought this into doubt or even question, is the emergence of this Reddit post. The post details rumours about the existence of a multiplayer mode in TotK. The basis of this is founded within an image of the supposed booklet page of Tears of the Kingdom, showing that it will have Nintendo Switch Online functionality enabled.

Whilst we can’t completely rule it out, we think that this might actually be that cloud saving will be activated throughout the adventure, and not the existence of a playable multiplayer mode.

Most games in the series don’t have multiplayer of any kind, so a co-op with Link and Zelda or multiple Links is very unlikely.

On the other hand, fans are also theorize that a Tingle Bottles feature in Wind Waker HD or something to that end might be included in TotK. Tingle Bottles basically meant that users could send messages and screenshots to other random players through the Miiverse. Like we said before, there’s always the chance so we advise keeping an eye out.

If there is co-op, it would be with Link and Zelda.

Is Tears of the Kingdom a direct sequel?

Yes, in fact it’s the first time there’s been a direct sequel of the main Zelda game in the series.

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