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Will there be an open beta for Madden 24?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023 12:00 pm
Will there be an open beta for Madden 24?

With Madden 24 slowly creeping up to continue the next installment in the football games success fans are wondering when the open beta will release. Fans are waiting for the release of Madden 24 as Madden 23 slowly begins to fade away.

Players are waiting for an answer as to when the beta sign-ups and the start of the beta are. We are sure players are excited to see what mechanics are being added and their favorite quarterbacks, tight ends, and defensive players like Joe Burrow from the Cincinnati Bengals and Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Below we will provide the information on the beta and beta sign-ups.

Is there an open beta for Madden 24?

Yes, there is currently an open beta but registration has ended. Registration lasted from April 21 to April 28.

Many fans expected a big announcement from EA or Madden but this was not broadcasted on Twitter or any space that reaches a bigger audience.  According to Video Gamer, the open beta sign-up was only available for those on the next gen consoles like PlayStation, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Unfortunately, current-gen consoles weren’t able to register for the open beta.

There is no word on when another beta will come.

Madden 24 future beta window estimate

The Madden 24 beta release date is most likely to be sometime after Friday, June 8th, 2023, as during the signup period Madden had stated more information on the open beta on June 8. We think it will most likely be mid-June or early July, but will update when more information is given. Players are waiting for the invite to download and play the game. This will most likely provide all the information needed on how to download and enjoy the open beta.

Based on Madden 23’s open beta from the previous year players may be in store for a long open beta ending in late June. We will provide an update and any additional information when they release more information on how to download the open beta for Madden 24.

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