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Mass Effect 2 Console Commands – Cheat Codes & More in 2022

Updated: May 6, 2022 6:57 pm
Mass Effect 2 Console Commands – Cheat Codes & More in 2022

Mass Effect 2 was the central game in Bioware’s stellar sci-fi trilogy, and it was easily the one that attracted the most love from fans. This game has great characters, excellent writing, and didn’t expect you to go through random vehicle sections that have terrible controls and worse balance. At this late stage of the game, RPG fans have already explored pretty much everything there is to find in the title, but that is exactly where console commands come in.

Mass Effect 2 console commands are a bit more locked-down than the first game’s commands, but you can still have a blast if you know how to make them work. Read on to discover how to unlock the power of your game with console commands.

How to Unlock the Command Console

Just like first Mass Effect game, the console is locked-down before you tweak it to work properly. What is unlike the first game is just how heavily this game is locked down. You’ll need to use some third-party stuff to get it working since EA really didn’t want you cheating for some reason. You can get a console patch from Sequential Planet, which also gives you instructions on how to use the patcher. Once patched, you can open the in-game command console by tapping the button underneath Escape.

Mass Effect 2 Cheat Console Commands

Since the command console was locked up tight, there aren’t actually an insane number of commands to work with, but you should still be able to have yourself a lot of fun with the ones that we’ve compiled below. Since this is third-party-enabled cheating, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve backed up your saves or you could risk losing them forever.

Command EffectConsole Command
Gives the player [number] talent pointsGiveTalentPoints [number]
Gives you [number] of experience pointsGiveXP [number]
Gives you a bunch of ammo and greatly increases weapon damageGiveSuperGun
Activates god mode (you can’t die) God
Kills all nearby enemies KillEnemies
Kills the playerKillSelf/Suicide
Kills your party (not you)KillParty
Gives you [number] ammo InitAmmo [number]
Gives you [number] MediGelInitMediGel [number]
Gives you [number] probes InitProbes [number]
Gives you [number] fuelInitFuel [number]
Gives you [number] creditsInitCredits [number]
Gives you [number] palladiumInitPalladium [number]
Gives you [number] iridium InitIridium [number]
Gives you [number] platinum InitPlatinum [number]
Sets your renegade value to [number]SetRenegade [number]
Sets your paragon value to [number]SetParagon [number]
Enables the free cameraToggleFlyCam
Takes a screenshot Shot

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