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MW2 Player discovers new deadly physics in Care packge—the hard way

Updated: May 29, 2023 4:09 pm
MW2 Player discovers new deadly physics in Care packge—the hard way

There’s no shortage of players trying to kill enemies with care packages in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This is only an issue if you’re camping, and care packages don’t hit the ground hard enough to really kill you, so most players don’t consider it.

However, one player found an interesting new detail for care packages that could actually be effective for killing an enemy. It involves a bit of game physics, and it’s a nice trick to show friends too.

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Redditor Ham_Ducktor ordered a care package thanks to his killstreak, thinking it would be smart to put it nearby. He called for it on some tires, which should just be part of the environment. Little did Ham_Ductktor know, this would be the death of him.

His post is below.

Normally, MW2 care packages land on the ground with a slight bounce before opening up and revealing their contents. In this case, the care package had more of a bounce thanks to the pile of tires below. This propelled it high into the air, removing any sense of light dropping.

What was funny was how high it flew up before coming straight down. This isn’t a realistic bounce off a tire. It’s clearly not supposed to be that much of a boost. The fact is that it flies so high that it disappears and even you as a viewer have to wonder what happened.

We won’t ruin the cartoonish death of Ham_Ducktor, but it’s worth watching.

To quote a user “always funny when cartoonish s**t happens in a somewhat realistic game.”

It’s strange to see that developers actually coded the tires to be more bouncy, but this is a ridiculous amount of bounce. So if you’ve ever wanted to kill someone and don’t mind wasting a care package, let it land near some tires close to them, it might just work.

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