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Need for Speed money glitch is farming, how to use NFS Unbound money farming

Farm infinite with this new and easy NFS Unbound money exploit.

Updated: Dec 5, 2022 10:38 am
money farming nfs unbound

Need for Speed Unbound released November 29th and we’re already seeing some crazy exploits. Get infinite funds to upgrade and buy new cars in with this Need for Speed money farming strategy. How do you use it? All you have to do is hide!

Jump the gun and get a head start on players by racking up funds early on. This page will serve as a guide and updates to the functionality of this farming tactic going forward.

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Need for Speed Unbound money glitch guide

Need for Speed comes from a long line of games stretching back to 1994 and Unbound has the largest collection of cars from all these games and more that we’ve seen yet. We’ve come along way since then; from joysticks to brand spanking new top-of-the-line best racing wheels. Here’s the perfect chance to capitalise on that and secure yourself some awesome cars.

So, how does it work? Well, it’s really pretty simple. We’ve broken it down into steps here in a simple guide:

Step 1 – Get heat

First off, you’re going to have to get the attention of the police. This can be as low or as high as possible, but if you’re a confident driver, higher is better. The more intense the chase, the higher the reward.

Step 2 – Find the bridge on Southland Drive

Head to this location (red circle) on the map with the police hot on your tail.

New Project

Head down below the bridge and evade the cops. They should pass right by you if you’ve done it correctly.

Step 3 – Hide

Now all that’s left to do is hide from them. If you hide down by the support beams of Southland Bridge, you’ll be undetectable. This is a sure fire way to get rid of the cops and, as it turns out, earn you some cash aswell.

From doing this, you’ll earn a sum contingent on your heat level. So, if you’re at heat level 5, you’ll get a tidy profit of $2500 to spend however you wish!

Step 4 – Getaway Driver part

There’s more! If you procure the Getaway Driver part from your garage, you can double that $2500 to $5000 everytime.

However, you might want to grind out the original exploit first and farm some money, as to get the Getaway Driver part you must have made your garage Super for $50,000, then an additional $32,000 on the part.

After that you can quickly rise the ranks and upgrade your cars however you see fit!

Need for Speed money glitch FAQs

Do I need a racing wheel for Need for Speed Unbound?

It’s not a requirement, but it’ll certainly help you feel more immersed, and perhaps even help your gameplay. If you’re really into flying games, you get a HOTAS, if you love First-person shooters you get a gaming mouse, if you love Mortal Kombat, you get a fighting stick controller. The same goes for games like Forza and NFS with racing wheels.

Does Need for Speed money glitch still work?

The money glitch is less of a money glitch, and more of an exploit in the game to grind and farm money. Lots of games with points, XP or other stat systems have places, activities and things you can do to easily and efficiently farm. Elden Ring and other soulsborne games are a great example; simple tasks that require minimal effort and yield lots of levelling-up currency.

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