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Can Vullaby be shiny in Pokémon Go?

With a new Team Go Rocket event, we get a new shiny Pokémon. So how do you catch shiny Vullaby and its evolution Mandibuzz?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:49 pm
can vullaby be shiny in Pokémon go

Vullaby has been in Pokémon Go for some time now, but is still a relatively rare catch. In the month of November, we have the chance for a guaranteed Vullaby with Research Breakthrough encounters, and it’s involvement in the Looming Shadow event. So can Vullaby be shiny in Pokémon Go?

Is shiny Vullaby in Pokémon Go?

is vullaby shiny in Pokémon go

Shiny Vullaby is available in Pokémon Go as of November 9th, 2021. The shiny version of the Diapered Pokémon and it’s evolved form, Mandibuzz, were introduced as part of the Looming Shadow event, coinciding with the Festival of Lights.

How to catch shiny Vullaby

Vullaby is still a relatively rare Pokémon, but is a guaranteed catch on completion of a week’s worth of Field Research tasks for the duration of November, 2021. This means that, for any Research Breakthrough reward encounters after November 9th, your Vullaby has a chance to be shiny.

While it doesn’t appear that there will be an increase in the number of Vullaby appearing in the wild, Vullaby will be available as a Research Task encounter from November 9th. The research task you will need to encounter a Vullaby is Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader. The best recommendation if you come across this task would be to save up three of them before taking down a Go Rocket Leader as you can only defeat one leader for every Rocket Radar you have.

The only way of increasing your chance of obtaining a shiny Vullaby is to make sure you complete the appropriate Research Task, and stay on top of your weekly Field Research stamps. But remember, there is no guarantee that any of your Vullaby encounters will be shiny.

As with most other shiny Pokémon as they are introduced to Pokémon Go, Vullaby will continue to be available in its shiny form after the month of November, but may go back to being very rare.

How to hatch shiny Vullaby

You also have the chance of hatching Vullaby from 12km eggs, in other words, Strange Eggs. These are red eggs that are obtained by defeating one of the Team Go Rocket Leaders. Vullaby is the most common hatch from Strange Eggs with a 24.5% chance of hatching.

How to evolve Vullaby to shiny Mandibuzz

can mandibuzz be shiny Pokémon go

To evolve your shiny or non-shiny Vullaby into the Bone Vulture Pokémon Mandibuzz, you’ll simply need 50 Vullaby candies. With Vullaby being quite rare until now, this actually isn’t all that simple, but make the most of those Looming Shadow Field Research encounters and you’ll gather 50 in no time.

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