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Rainbow Six Extraction Operators guide: How to unlock, Advancements, and more

Here is an in depth guide to the Rainbow Six Extraction Operators and the features.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022 6:16 pm
Rainbow Six Extraction Operators list

Rainbow Six Extraction is the latest game by Ubisoft that bring the Rainbow Six Siege universe into a new alien virus threat. What started in Operation CHimera is now on a full-scale impact, requiring a new Rainbow Six unit called R.E.A.C.T to take over operations on the infected areas. The premises of the R.E.A.C.T unit takes Rainbow Six Siege Operators and modifies both attackers and defenders to work together to take down the alien menace. Here we go through what Rainbow Six Extraction operators you can play, their features, and some interesting gameplay mechanics regarding operator usage.

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Rainbow Six Extraction Operator list

There are 18 total playable Rainbow Six Extraction Operators available at launch. However, not all are playable at the start of the game. Below you will find a table on the basics of the Operators currently in the game, including their abilities, starting weapon, and at what point you can play them.

OperatorAbilityStarting weaponUnlocked at launch?
AlibiDeploy a hologram decoy that trick enemies into attacking the holograms.Mx4 Storm SMG with a semi-automatic fire rateYes
CapitaoSmoke and venom themed silent crossbow bolts.PARA-308 assault rifleUnlocked at reaching Development Milestone level 17.
DocFires health stim shot at allied targets to heal them or revive downed targets from a  distance.SQ-CQB shotgunYes
ElaSticky proxy mines that stun enemies who trigger them.Scorpion EVO 3 SMGYes
FinkaBoost her team’s speed and grants temporary health. Also revives downed teammates and prevent KO while the effect lasts.SPEAR.308 assault rifleYes
FuzeCluster grenade through soft surfaces.6P41 LMGUnlocked at reaching Development Milestone level 10.
GridlockDeploys slowing traps that deal damage as enemies tread over them.F90 assault rifleUnlocked at reaching Development Milestone level 17.
HibanaRemote detonating pellets that stick to surfaces and deal armor penetration damage.TYPE-89 assault rifleYes
IQDetects R.E.A.C.T equipment through using her scanner.AUG A2 assault rifleUnlocked at reaching Development Milestone level 5.
JagerDeploys an automated turret that attacks enemies and intercepts projectiles.M870 shotgunUnlocked at reaching Development Milestone level 5.
LionDetects all moving enemies for several seconds after a brief delay.V308 assault rifleYes
NomadAirjab mines stick to surfaces and blast enemies away when they explode.AK-74M assault rifleUnlocked at reaching Development Milestone level 17.
PulseUses scanner to detect enemy nests and hostile heartbeats. It can also detect friendly VIPs and MIAs.M1014 shotgun.Yes
RookDrops extra armor on the floor, granting bonus damage resistance. Characters wearing armor go to a downed state rather than K.O.P90 SMGUnlocked at reaching Development Milestone level 5.
SledgeBreaching Hammer capable of stunning enemies and destroying soft surfaces.M590A1 pump-action shotgunYes
SmokeThrow remotely detonated gas grenades that deal damage to enemies within the yellow smoke.L85A2 assault rifleUnlocked at reaching Development Milestone level 10.
TachankaDeployable LMG Tachanaka and his allies can use.SASG-12 semi-auto shotgunUnlocked at reaching Development Milestone level 10.
VigilVigil becomes undetectable for a medium duration.K1A1 SMGYes

How to unlock Rainbow Six Extraction Operators

You can play nine operators from the start of the game, but Ubisoft locked the other nine behind a feature called Development Milestones. You can unlock different characters with different Milestone ranks. The following Rainbow Six Extraction operators unlock at the following Development Milestone ranks.

  • Milestone 5: Rook, IQ, Jaeger – Unlocked via the Backbone reward on the progression tab.
  • Milestone 10: Fuze, Smoke, Tachanaka – Unlocked via The Strong Arm reward on the progression tab.
  • Milestone 17: Capitao, Gridlock, Nomad – Unlocked via The Architects reward on the progression tab.

To increase your Development Milestone in Rainbow SIx Extraction, you will need to achieve certain feats. Head over to the Progression tab to see your current progress. Find out what level you are on and see what you need to do to get to the next milestone. For example, you start on level one Milestone, and you need to earn 15000 XP to make it to the next Milestone.

Note you can only see the requirements to unlock the next milestone. Any milestone requirements are labelled ‘classified’.

Fuze is playable from Milestone level 10 onwards.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Advancement

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Advancement guide
Getting XP on characters grants you new rewards. Image via Ubisoft.

One of the features of the Rainbow Six Extraction operators include an advancement system. Whenever you use an Operator on a mission, you will get experience for that character. When they reach certain thresholds, they will have the opportunity to level their abilities, gear and arsenal. Each operator will inform you of what perks you get. Take Hibana, for example; she gets additional speed, more armor, her X-Kairos get enhanced, along with unlocking more cosmetic options, weapons, technology, and perks and equipment like a frag grenade. Siege fans know that Hibana never uses frag grenades, which makes it very interesting. Meanwhile, we can expect characters like Doc to unlock a HK417 assault rifle for a primary weapon. All in all, the Operator Advamancement should allow for new playstyles for these Operators, without entirely changing their iconic kit from SIege.

Wondering how you unlock advancement levels? Well, the answer to that is simply by playing with that Operator on your missions. When you reach a new advancement level, you can unlock new perks as mentioned. Let’s use Hibana as an example again. At level 2, she gets Prime Time, which reduces the reload time of her ability. At level 3, she gets the Supernova shotgun as a primary weapon.

As for cosmetics, you can get these rewards through the Advancement level system. Meanwhile, you can get additional cosmetics through the microtransaction store, completing levels, challenges, or through the progression tree.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Status

One of the Rainbow SIx Extraction Operator gameplay features includes an ‘Operator Status’. Think of this like XCOM character status. When you go into a mission, you’ll need to be aware of their health and status. If they get injured in battle, you won’t be able to use them again until they recover to a sufficient state. Meanwhile, any Operator that you lose in a  mission will go MIA (missing in action). Luckily, they won’t die, instead, you can go and retrieve them on a rescue mission to get them back in your arsenal. If you end up failing the rescue mission, you’ll get your Operator back, but they’ll lose their advancements, meaning you lose some of the grind you put into that character. However, max level characters will not go down an Advancement level.

The Operator Status names are as follows:

  • Operational – Operators marked as Operational are fit to go into a mission.
  • Inactive – Operators below a certain HP threshold will become inactive and cannot join a mission until they recover above the threshold.
  • MIA – the Operator was lost on a mission and needs rescuing. They will then move to inactive status until recovery is complete, which they will then become operational.

This is the basics of the Rainbow Six Extraction Operator functionality. We will begin to build upon more and more of the Operators in guides as we spend more time on the game. For more information on the Operators, head over to Ubisoft’s website and see the Operators’ starting kit for yourself.

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