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Rainbow Six Siege’s new Rengoku event is now live

A new Rainbow Six Event takes over Skyscraper.

Updated: Apr 26, 2022 5:50 pm
Rainbow Six Siege’s new Rengoku event is now live

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Rainbow Six Siege is back with yet another limited-time event. The new Rengako event for Rainbow Six features a remodified Skyscraper, along with some new shotgun craziness in the latest limited game mode.

The new R6 Regoku event features a new control the area mode. Players are equipped with whole new Kiba loadouts for a variety of operators on the attack and defense. Players are tasked with staying near alters for five seconds, to secure points in the game. The attackers need to steal those control points while the defenders have to secure the different control points. The first team to reach 300 points in a game becomes the victor.

Like all limited-time missions, there is some form of alteration to the available operators’ kits. This time around, there is a Kibal, a one-hit killing machine attached to shotguns and pistols. Fuze, Osa, Rook and Thunderbird can choose between fire and poison, while Twitch Capitao, Zofia, Kapka, Bandit and Maestro have flashback and knockback alternatives. Expect to position players or burn them alive, while others may get punted through walls continuously.

The new Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku event also comes with a whole new set of cosmetics to unlock. You can earn free Rengoku packs by completing event challenges, along with buying sets of cosmetics or individual packs with the premium currency, including renown if you fancied trying your luck.

The Rainbow 6 Rengoku event lasts from April 26 to May 17.  Those who want to collect as many rewards as possible have three weeks of fun ahead of them. 

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