Lost in Play Review – A Gorgeous Adventure

Truly unforgettable adventure in Lost in Play!

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Lost in Play review is one of the most feel-good reviews we ever did.

The game is gorgeous, colorful, funny, witty, and has that feel-good energy.

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Characters, puzzles, and various mini-games within one game.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the Lost in Play review!

Lost in Play – What Is It All About?

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Image via Happy Juice Games

A Collection of Adventures

Lost in Play is a gorgeous little game. It is an adventure game full of puzzles.

In Lost in Play, you will control a brother and a sister for most of the game.

Your job is to help the siblings on an epic journey. There is a mix of reality and imagination all around. Some things are not what they seem to be.

You will meet many anthropomorphic creatures, bears, frogs, goblins, and many more along the way.

The story itself is divided into fifteen episodes. The first one serves as a tutorial where you have these great animations combined with the opening credits.

It really looks like a cinematic opening to a Disney movie or an old-school cartoon on Cartoon Network.

How Does the Game Play?

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Image via Happy Juice Games

The gameplay relies heavily on solving puzzles. There is a lot of diversity in that aspect of the game.

Sometimes you just need to find items and combine them in your inventory. Other times you might need to open a drawer or a door.

There are also a lot of mini-games. These are puzzles within puzzles like connecting some dots, moving some slabs around, or placing sheep in the right place.

The puzzles are often quite simple and straightforward. They do not take much time to solve and you can always hold the hint button if you get stuck.

There are things you would not expect from a game like that. You find a key, and place it into the keyhole in the door. Suddenly you have a mini-game of opening that door.

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Some of the puzzles could be a little more challenging and logical. It is a difficult task to find the balance between making a puzzle hard and still the solution being logical.

Many adventure games struggle with that and Lost in Plays fall into that category. Does it make sense that the key will be inside a clock? No. Is it a big problem in a game like that? Also no.

In every scenario, you get somewhat hinted at what you need to find in order to solve the puzzle. These hints are great because you never feel like you do not know what you have to do.

It is always clear what you have to do at the time, and all you need to find is the way how to do it. Yet, the outcome of your actions still can be surprising.

Presentation of Lost in Play

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Image via Happy Juice Games

Visual Masterpiece

One of the highlights of the game is its visuals. The whole presentation is just beautiful.

Gorgeous character design and environments filled with a lot of vibrant colors. Great cartoony looks for a game like that fit the atmosphere perfectly.

Every animation is very smooth. Most of them are looped, like walking or running animations, the sister’s hair jumping up and down as she jumps.

However, all of them look great and fit the action and what is going on around our characters.

Not every single game has to be photorealistic, and this game proves just that. The game can take your breath away by being artistic and looking like an animated movie.

Audio and Sound Design

The game has its own language. Most characters do not sound understandable. Some gibberish language like in The Sims franchise.

However, it fits the game, the story, and the childhood-like adventure. If you listen to it, it makes some sense. The words our brother and sister speak sound similar to the objects they describe.

Overall, the effects sound good including some creature roars and ambient sounds of the forest, dungeons, and more.

Lost in Play also has very good and catchy music in the game menu.

Technical Aspects of the Game

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Image via Happy Juice Games

We did not experience any crushes or bugs in the game. It is this type of game where it is hard to find any major issues or bugs.

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We reviewed the game on Nintendo Switch which is hardware with not the best specification in 2022. The game ran very smoothly and did not stutter at all.

The sound effects in Lost in Play were always timed right, the music was not playing too loud, all animations played in sync and very well for us.

Our Lost in Play Review Summary

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Image via Happy Juice Games

We felt like the game was very similar to The Little Acre but in a good way. A short and engaging story with a beautiful presentation.

Definitely, a game worth picking up if you like any type of adventure game. It has a lot of depth and childish humor inside.

Something you might not find in many games. It is not controversial, gory, or multiplayer. A simple yet charming and heartwarming adventure. A truly unforgettable experience.

Lost in Play is out now, available on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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Lost in Play Review

The Good
  • Great story
  • Gorgeous graphics with cartoon style
  • Very approachable
  • Unique language
  • Smooth animations
  • Childhood captured in a game
The Bad
  • Some slightly illogical puzzles
  • Episode length (some of them are very short)
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0 /5

Lost in Play is a small game with a huge heart. A game that took us to the times when everything was simpler. Childhood captured within a video game. A great puzzle game that offers a truly unforgettable adventure. And all of that is presented in gorgeous cartoony graphics. A journey worth experiencing.

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