Rogue Legacy 2 Class guide: Ranger

Pick off enemies using well-placed arrows with Rogue Legacy 2's Ranger class

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The Ranger is the first ranged class in Rogue Legacy 2, and a potent one at that. Mastering the timing and spacing of this class’s arrows will allow you to carve your way through Citadel Agartha and biomes beyond.

Most of the initial classes that you will unlock in Rogue Legacy 2 excel in either magic or close-up martial prowess. The Ranger is an outlier, as its attacks are slower than a standard sword-swing and leave you wide-open to damage. But the sheer flexibility of the Ranger’s toolkit allows you a wealth of options to mitigate these disadvantages. Once you master the Ranger, you’ll be able to create your own calm amongst the storm, carving your own untouchable spot out of the game’s enemy-packed caves and corridors.

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Rogue Legacy 2 Ranger Weapon

The War Bow is a potent ranged weapon that allows you to freely aim your shots to hit enemies from a significant distance away. Running out of arrows is never an issue, the bow is always ready to be fired again shortly after every shot. Holding the arrow for a moment before firing will cause it to flash, and releasing with perfect timing will cause the attack to skill crit. Learning this timing is crucial for maximising your damage as the Ranger.

The Ranger is also capable of staying safe above their enemies’ heads, as firing the bow in mid-air slows the speed of your fall. Shooting arrows downwards will help keep you in the air for longer, raining down destruction as your enemies try and fail to swat you out of the sky.

Rogue Legacy 2 Ranger Talent

Ivy Canopy is one of the best things about the Ranger class. A talent that synergises perfectly with its main method of attack and ranged gameplay. The canopy provides a safe position from which to rain down arrows – at least with proper usage and positioning – as well as adding an extremely potent status effect onto any arrows shot from this vantage.

When Ivy Canopy is activated, it places a platform below the Ranger, allowing you to create your own personal sniping spot when cast in mid-air. While the Ranger is still vulnerable to any enemy that can get up close to them, the canopy blocks projectiles from below. This is often crucial in granting you a moment to breathe and reposition in response to an enemy’s assault. It also allows you to strike back from this position, as your shots fired from the canopy apply Spore Burst on hit, dealing additional delayed magic damage.

The Ivy Canopy is a resource you should be getting use out of at all times. The talent will refresh only seven seconds after the previous canopy disappears, so there’s real no excuse for hoarding this ability for a rainy day.

Ranger Class Passive

The Ranger’s class passive is called Hunter. This grants them a 10% increase to both their strength and dexterity scores. These stat increases are critical for the ranger, as both increase their primary method of dealing damage. The increase to strength ensures that their arrows are always devastating, and heightened dexterity means that their skill crits are even more so. If there was ever an incentive to invest in proper shot timing for the Ranger, this would be it.

Ranger Secondary Class

The Ranger is in rare company in Rogue Legacy 2, as it is one of the handful of classes that it is possible to unlock a secondary class for! Once you have progressed far enough into Rogue Legacy 2 to gain access to the Soul Shop, you will be able to use souls to purchase a number of useful and interesting upgrades to improve your character.

Unlocking Ballistic Archers gives you the option to equip your Ranger with the Handheld Ballista. This weapon is slower to fire than the Ranger’s standard war bow and can only be fired from the ground. While both of these attributes greatly lessen the ranger’s flexibility and adaptability, the trade-off is that they gain immense firepower. The Handheld Ballista can often do as much damage in a single shot as the war bow would do in several. This makes it a tempting option for anyone looking to increase their damage output and level the playing-field in some of Rogue Legacy 2’s tougher biomes.

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