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How old is Luke in Street Fighter 6

Updated: Jun 8, 2023 2:01 pm
How old is Luke in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is Capcom’s latest addition to the fighting game franchise which was started over two decades ago. Since then, there have been many newcomers to the series that have come and gone while other characters like Ryu and Ken have remained. Luke first appeared in Street Fight 5 and has returned for the sixth game in the main series.

Luke is a martial arts master like many of his peers in the game. When facing off against his opponents, he uses a military MMA fighting style. Luke isn’t afraid to throw out combos of kicks and punches no matter who he is facing. With how powerful he is, many are wondering, how old is Luke in Street Fighter 6?

What is Luke’s age in Street Fighter 6?

Luke is a young guy who was introduced in Street Fighter V. He isn’t given an exact birth year but his birthday is February 17. Many fans guestimate that he is in his mid to late 20s. This would place his age anywhere from 24 to 29 years old. Hard to believe that someone so young is so talented.

There are multiple game modes in which you can interact with Luke or play as him. During the World Tour Mode, you can create your own character and become Luke’s apprentice. He will teach you many things including his fighting style, special moves, and more as you explore the world from Metro City to Brazil and beyond.

How old is Luke compared to other fighters in Street Fighter 6?

There are plenty of other characters on the roster in Street Fighter 6 with some of them being much older than this young military man. The other characters in the game are the following ages:

  • Blanka – 57
  • Chun-li – 55
  • Cammy – 49
  • Dee Jay – 57
  • Dhalsim – 70
  • E. Honda – 62
  • Guile – 62
  • Juri Han – 38
  • Ken Masters – 58
  • Luke – Mid to late 20s
  • Ryu – 58
  • Zangief – 67
  • Jamie – Mid 20s
  • JP – Late 60s
  • Kimberly – Mid 20s
  • Lily – 20
  • Manon – mid 30s
  • Marisa – mid 30s

If Luke is in his mid to late 20s, he is around 40 to 45 years younger than the oldest character Dhalsim. Other characters around his age are Jamie and Kimberly. Lily is the only fighter who might be younger than Luke.

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