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How to get Iron Ore and Ingots in V Rising

We teach you how to get iron ore and ingots in V Rising.

Updated: May 23, 2022 11:52 am
Iron Ore V Rising

Iron is the second major metal you need to acquire as you explore the world of V Rising. It allows you to start crafting the next tier of weaponry and becomes useful for expanding your base. So, for those up to that point of progression, here is how to get iron ore in V Rising.

How to get Iron Ore in V Rising

Iron Ore is a fairly common resource in the farmlands region of the map. You will naturally stumble upon iron veins around the map as you explore the world. These are darker looking versions of the copper nodes and the huge copper veins you see around the map. Keep your eyes peeled as you walk around, or check something like the interactive map out to understand where these spots are.

Alternatively, if you want more direct access to iron, there is the haunted copper mine. The Haunted Iron Mine is located in the southern, central part of the farmlands. It is a massive area filled with undead and ghouls, so you will need to fight many enemies to farm there. There is also a level 49 boss called the Undead Commander, who will give you a rough time if you’re only heading there with copper and Nightstalker quality gear. Avoid it if you can, and mine as much as you can reasonably carry.

How to get Iron Ingots in V Rising

Once you get your hands on Iron Ore, you then need to smelt it. To do so, you need the following:

  • Killed Clive the Fire Starter – explosives recipe
  • Build an alchemy table – craft explosives
  • Head to the bandit Stronghold and kill Quincy
  • Get iron ore.

The Bandit King is found in the Bandit Stronghold, located at the top central part of the woodlands. You will need explosives to take down the stronghold’s gates. You can make explosives via the Alchemy Table and you get the recipe from Clive the Firestarter. If you haven’t killed Clive the Fire Starter and made the Alchemy table, you should do so as soon as possible.

Once you have your explosives, you can take out the gates to the Bandit Stronghold. Head inside and kill the bandit king, a level 37 enemy and you shall unlock the recipe to make iron ingots in V Rising.

You can now head back to your base and begin smelting your iron ore into iron ingots. You now have iron ingots that you will use to begin crafting your iron tier items. This pretty much covers everything you need to know as you begin progressing through the next stage of the game. Good luck out there, vampire.

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