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V Rising console commands and cheats list

We highlight how to enable cheats and console commands in V Rising.

Updated: May 23, 2022 4:13 pm
V Rising console commands and cheats list

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V Rising has plenty of cheats and console commands you can use in your game. It can help you speed up the process if you’re looking for a mess around save, or do some admin stuff if you’re a moderator for a server. Either way, here is the full list of V Rising’s console commands and cheats you can use

V Rising Console Commands

V Rising enable console

Before you start inputting console commands, you first need to turn the setting on, Open up the game setting on the main menu and look for the option to turn the console on. It should be off by default, click the box and then you should be good to go.

If you have a dedicated server such as GPORTAL, you then need to assign an admin using STEAMID to find users’ strings to give them admin rights. Alternatively, if you’re using the dedicated server in steam, then find the VRisingServer_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings and do so in that text file.

Once when it is all setup, you can then use V Rising console commands. You can open up the console using the ‘`’ key, otherwise known as the tilde key found below escape. This opens up the console for you to start typing in. You can then type ‘list’, and you can see all the console commands for your convenience.

But, for convenience, we are listing the console commands below. We have removed the ones relating to the development, as these are widely useless to those who want the typical cheats, rather than full dev console commands. However, they are largely dev based rather than cheat codes.

V Rising Console CommandsDescription
clanacceptaccepts claninvite
clandeclineDecline clan invite
Claninvite (name of player)Invites the name of the player to the clan
clanleaveLeave the clan you are currently in
connectConnect to a server IP without using the server browser
Depthoffield (#)Alter client depth of field
disconnectLeave the server
Kill (player name)Kills the player, leave blank for yourself.
localizationChance language
lowqualityatmosphereChange atmosphere quality in the client
measuresystemperformanceGood for those who have a lagging dedicated server and need to check performance.
motionblurModify motionblur settings.
reconnectReconnect to the server in case of disconnect
setresolutionChange resolution at will

V Rising Cheats

If you want more cheat related content, then there are modifiers you can use to change how the game plays. These include

  • Starting Equipment
  • Starting Resources
  • Castle Heart Damage
  • Castle minimum distance
  • Craft rate modifiers
  • Refinement speeds
  • Servant conversion rate modifiers
  • Servant count modifiers
  • Inventory stack size
  • Drop rate modifiers
  • Blood essence modifier
  • Clan size
  • Blood drain
  • Durability drain
  • Garlic, silver and sun strength
  • Castle decay
  • Build cost modifier
  • Repair cost modifier
  • Dismantle cost modifier
  • Health modifiers
  • Spellpower modifiers

If you’re on GPORTAL, these options are found in the basic settings, If you’re using a private server or a personal, dedicated server, then you can find them in either “user profile”\appdata\LocalLow\Stunlock Studios\VRising\Saves\. If you’re running a private server in your game client, or VRisingServer_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings if you’re using a dedicated server. Be aware that some of these options are not modifiable in the base game server file for private servers. GPORTAL server modifiers seem much better if you’re interested in messing around with server configs.

Note: modifying something with a numeric value, 1 is a 1:1 ration, while any number higher or lower will either increase the base drop or lower the base value, such as health, or resource.

Feel free to mess around with the cheats and see what things do for yourself. This concludes this V Rising console commands and cheats guide. For more content, feel free to check out our V Rising hub for more guides. 

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