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How to get a Valheim Obliterator and Valheim Thunder Stone

We teach you how to get a Valheim Obliterator.

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Valheim launched on PC Games Pass on September 29, introducing a gaggle of new players to the Viking-themed survival. Many players are so eager to craft the only awaited method of destroying junk you don’t need. Luckily for us, Iron Gate has blessed us all with the means of destruction, and there is a Valheim Obliterator capable of destroying all those useless items.

While crafting a Valheim Obliterator is very easy, you need one new item with several players confused. That item is the Valheim Thunder Stone. Below we will teach you how to get a Valheim Thunder Stone, along with crafting the much needed Valheim Obliterator for every base’s smithy.

How to make a Valheim Obliterator

The Valheim Obliterator is the solution to all your hoarding needs. The Obliterator is a placeable building, which you can use to destroy any item in the game. If only Frodo has one of these. The building is crucial to any late-game save when you collect items and eventually run out of things to do with them. Moreso, your dedicated warehouse building, will have much more breathing space for Hearth and Home items you want to make.

If you’re looking to make an Obliterator, you’ll need the following items and buildings:

  • A Forge
  • 8x Iron
  • 4x Copper
  • 1x Thunder Stone


Almost every base will have a Forge, as it is one of the early game items you craft after venturing into the Black Forests. The same goes for Copper, which is widely available in the Black Forest(s). On the other hand, getting eight iron requires venturing into the swamp, which is a bit more tricky but doable, especially if you’re in an advanced game. However, the only item we are not familiar with is the Thunder Stone, a new item found from Valheim Traders.

How to get a Valheim Thunder Stone

If you’re ever in need of a Thunder Stone, you will need to visit Haldor, the trader that is randomly found due to the world seed generator. If you haven’t already found him in your save, you’ll need to explore Black Forests so you can eventually trade with him. You can buy the Thunder Stone and other exclusive trader items like the Fishing Rod from the Trader using coins, which you make via selling the Trader resources and collecting coins from dungeons, enemies, and more.

Congratulations, you can now craft yourself a Valheim Obliterator and know where the acquire a Valheim Thunder Stone. May you destroy your overstocked wooden arrows and trophies in peace.

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